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First time setup for OhmRGB

Hey Livideers (Lividians?),

New to the gear and the forums, I just picked up a second hand OhmRGB. I have a question regarding the setup of the OhmRGB for use with Vst's in Presonus Studio One. I have the device firmware up to date, factory reset via OhmRGB Editor software (assuming to use this as opposed to the online editor because of more features?) and recognized by studio one. I am getting midi input into studio one, signal is coming through. When I turn a knob or press a button, I get a reading. I can't, however, assign any knobs or buttons via midi learn. Are all hardware items able to midi learn? Or am I just missing something (once again, I am a complete noob). Anyone out there familiar with the extent of OhmRGB integration with Presonus Studio One?

Also, I noticed when using the LED edit option, The colors on the software and Ohm hardware itself do not match. Its on the right button, just not the same color. A light displayed as green on the hardware will be displayed as red on the software. I read the wiki pages but couldn't find much. Any idea how to fix this? 

Photos (didn't include much variation in colors, but you should get the point):


Thanks guys!


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