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Alias8 with Reason

Hi all,

Can't seem to get Alias8 to control effect rack extensions in Reason. I also have Peff's Alias8CV and that doesn't seem to map effect parameters for me either. Not really sure what I'm doing wrong considering I have downloaded the auto installer and Reason Remote Scripts from the wiki.. One thing I'm thinking with the auto installer is that it leads to C: directory by default and has no option to change it to D:  (HDD where my Reason is installed).

Can someone help instruct what to do with the content of the Reason Remote Scripts in order to get the Alias 8 functioning with Reason effect rack extensions? I've placed them into my Reason folder but Alias8 still has not worked with my effect extensions. It's as if they're not mapped to them at all. I do have it working with instruments...

In the .pdf below it shows that the Alias8 is functional with these parameters so I'm curious how to fix it to work properly. Any help is greatly appreciated.



  • Someone on Reddit helped me out - make sure to right click and lock Alias8 to the rack.

    Hope this helps any one in any time, ever.

  • Wow thanks for this, and thank Reddit lol.

    I connected the Alias 8 with Reason yesterday, and wasn't finding issues, so I was going to come back and ask you some specifics. Glad you are up and running!

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