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question concerning the right type of switches to buy for brain v2: on-off or on-on

Hello everyone,

I need a whole bunch of switches for my brain v2. They all need to work to switch certain effects on or off, so I'm looking at some SPST On-Offs. But here's my question: 

if I power-on the brain v2, ..will it recognize the positions of all switches like I left them before shutting down immediately without touching them again? Or do I need ON-ON switches for this purpose (always powered)? 

ON-ON switches still aren't completely clear to me... ..will the brain be able detect which 'on' (which side) is selected? On-on switches are interesting to combine with leds. 

Thank you for your time!


  • edited March 2015

    I might have been not clear enough. Maybe my idea is completely impossible to start with.

    I'm planning using the brain v2 in Max Msp. I would like this software to immediately recognize the correct 
    position of all faders, knobs,.. when I connect the brain to it. In other words it's like I need Max Msp to send 
    a 'bang' to the brain, so that it once more sends all current slider/fader/knob-positions.

    ​IF all this would be possible someway (which it might not be) would I need on-on switches to make it work?..
  • Hello, 

    in the meanwhile my project is using so many switches that I would need to order another brain v2.
    Is it possible for you guys to update the firmware so that initial states are detected? This is so incredible easy 
    using an arduino. Did nobody before complain about this. Basically it's currently impossible to design a digital 
    synthesizer using the brain 2 if you are using a bigger amount of switches.

  • edited September 2016

    Moon, are you for real? :) this is so cool...thanks!

    I wasn't expecting it to be integrated this easily.

    Could you possibly add alias versions? In total I bought 3 brains (almost buying a 4th one for this button problem, 
    though that might have been a problem, as they don't appear to be for sale anymore)...
  • Well, in fact I didn't test it yet because on my first brain v2 I soldered all my switches as analog inputs, and for the new project all switches still need to be delivered. Could you actually try it out to check if it works? Concerning sysex, I know how to use them in my software (Max Msp). Getting a control surface snapshot from the analog inputs was no problem.

  • Sound great, ..but I'm a little confused, the brain is already capable of making control surface snapshots of analog inputs, or did you mean something else?

  • Hi Justin, how is the update going?

  • Cool, will check this as soon as my new switches arrive! Are the alias a, b & c versions included in the zip? (Can't check it right now since I'm not home) Thanks again for your help, I will get back to you once I start my testing.

  • just checked the package, can you upload alias versions? thanks!

  •'re completely right Justin, I didn't test the update yet. But since it was working on your brain I thought it would work on my brains anyway. Somehow I get some joy out of updating firmwares, or installing updates in general :) I'll do my testing first and contact you back.

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