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Livid Base — Configuration/Editor Glitch??

When I attempt to configure the Livid Base (mk1) LED lights using the offline editor, it reads the current settings fine until I modify something which than causes the settings on other buttons to switch.

Example: previously I configured and saved the column of buttons on the right side to have teal lights set left and a red light on the active bank. If I attempt to change the light color on the right side to white instead of red, all the lights on the left will be set as yellow.

FIrmware is current, and I opened a support ticket last month with no response.


  • I'm trying to duplicate the problem, but I'm not 100% sure what your steps are.

    First, make sure you have the latest version of the Editor htttp://
    I set all the left LEDs on the right buttons (1-8) to cyan (G+B) and then set all the right LEDs on those buttons to Red (R). I then changed all the Red buttons to White (R+G+B), and had no problems. 
    So please provide exact steps or a video of what you are doing so I can try to duplicate the problem here.
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