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Isotonik Base DJ template freezes

Hi - hey I recently purchased the Isotonik Base DJ template, running it with Live Suite 9.1 64 bit with Base II on Mac Powerbook OSX 10.9.5. It takes several minutes to load the template, load a clip into a slot, it'll play for maybe 20 sec, then it freezes into a fast stutter. Stop clip, try agin, same thing happens. Any ideas?



  • Can you please use one of these MIDI monitors to see if the BASE is sending a message to trigger the stutter?

    ------------- Midi Monitors -----------------------------
    OSX - Snoize MIDI Monitor -
    Windows - MIDI OX -
    Linux - QMidiRoute -

    Connect the BASE, then open the midi monitor.
    Verify that the monitor is displaying the midi data from the base.
    Now open Ableton and watch the monitor to see if the BASE is sending any unwanted messages to cause the stutter effect.

  • Hey Mark

    Ok, I checked it out with Midi Monitor and don't see any info coming from the Base II. There were some clock messages coming thru but turned them off in Preferences. Here's a video of what's happening. if you need more info or a different view just let me know & I'll shoot another.

  • Hello? Anybody have time to look into this? Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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