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Brain V2 - midi to Roland V4ex

Hi, new to this sort of thing but wonder if any one on here has any experience with controlling video mixers, Roland V4ex to be exact.

Looking at the Brain V2 with just 6 x buttons so that we can hopefully get the midi commands in to start a fade from one source to another. 6 Buttons will give us enough options so simply from that point of view but not sure if the commands and addressing the roland unit requires can be entered into the brain v3 software. Any one have any ideas on this ??

thanks in advance.




  • Many thanks for that.  I had originally looked at Brain Jr but as it didnt have midi connections i thought we would have to use BrainV2.  Although after checking the V4Ex has usb midi connection anyway.

    Will have a look at the V4ex remote options and make sure it can do via remote what we need.
    Hopefully it should as it is a simple set up really, just pre-programmed fades from Input 1, 2 and 3 in all directions. So 6 x programmed fades is all we need.
    Many thanks 

  • Presume the USB connection on BrainJr will work ok if plugged into a USB device rather than a PC ??

    The Roland V4ex has USB and Midi (5pin din) for remote control so i am presuming this is ok.


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