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Base ii not updating with new set Ableton

So I just got my new Base ii, and it seems to have this odd behavior- it works fine when I open an existing set in Ableton, but if I open a new set it just freezes. It still sends midi, but doesn't change modes, the clip grid doesn't light up, the ribbon controls don't scale their lights up and down, nothing seems to change on it. (Live's preferences are set correctly, and they work for the existing Ableton set.) Then, if I open a different preexisting set, the Base works again!

On another note, when I shut down my Mac, 8 of the pads on the Base remain lit. Normal?

I'm using Live 9.1.6, the Base Ableton Remote Script, and the online Base editor tells me that my firmware is up to date.


  • This sounds like either a version mismatch or a bug in the script.  Could you forward me a copy of your log.txt file from after when this happens?  I've pm'ed you my email address, and here is some information about where you can find Ableton's log.txt file:



  • I found a bug in the script, we'll have an update to our installers out soon that will fix the issue.  Thanks for the report :)


  • OK how long do you think that will take?

  • My concern being that while I REALLY like the Base, I obviously can't keep it if it doesn't work completely...and I need to return it where I bought it soon in that case.

  • Not long....I need to double check to see if there's any other changes we need to slip in for the update to the installers, as its rather time-consuming.  I'll send you a copy of the updated script as soon as I have a chance to check on it so that you can double check to make sure everything is working, I'll be in touch via pm tonight or tomorrow.

  • Installers have been updated.

  • The problem appears to be resolved.

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