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Controlling outboard gear with Guitar Wing and no "computer"

I came across this video:

that details how to control a Zoom G3 guitar effects unit with a foot pedal board for program changes. It occurred to me that the same idea could be applied for guitar wing. 

Basically, the idea is 

USB Controller -> powered usb hub
Zoom G3 -> powered usb hub 
usb hub -> CCK
CCK -> iOS device.
iOS runs ‘MIDI Bridge’ app to send midi from the controller to the G3. 

However, the basic premise can be used to leverage your iOS device into a usable hub for connecting the wing to outboard gear I think. For example, using a USB to MIDI converter (like the M-audio Uno) in this system would basically get you a setup for experimenting with the wing and outboard gear without having to drop the cash on a Kenton USB Host or the iConnect MIDI box, using things you probably already have. 
 Obviously, if you don't have an iOS thing lying around, it's not the best solution, but it's worth documenting for those who want to tinker with this idea.
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