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OhmRGB + Resolume midi feedback?

I have the new ohmRGB I want to use it with Resolume and have the feedback work with the clip lights, layer select, and ect. . After all my reading people seem to be using Bome to translate the midi info from resolume. I have seen a set up with the old Ohm64 by user Tschoepler but that is not working with my RGB. The livid editor has also changed since his videos are made in 2010. I am a noob to midi editing and frankly not very good at coding. 

If anyone has any links, patches, or more info please let me know!!

I have the latest Macbook Pro running osx 10.9.5, Resolume 4.1.11, and brand new OHMrgb. 


  • It looks like there is a patch for just this in the OhmRGB integration guide. Check it out:

  • edited November 2014

    thanks Mark but that is for the old Ohm64. the directions on how to load are not very good for me also. I did load his patch on my resolume but the mapping is off, and the feedback didn't work the way it should. I also can't find what software he is using to load his patch to. I got maxPST but it does not connect to the new ohm

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