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CODE :: Report Bank Cycle Presses?

Hi @all code_coders,

The OhmRGB reports bank cycle button presses — the Code (running firmware v222) does not… am I missing something? could this be implemented in upcoming updates? the reason this is especially useful for the Code is because LED-Ring/Encosion Settings can only be saved to the current bank, hence to apply presets to all four banks (i.e. when loading a new Ableton Set) the settings must be applied when switching between them… and at the moment this has to be done by means of sending target bank sysex messages manually. Ideally though, when turning to a new bank with the useful cycle button, all mappings could be updated without mandatory user interference.
At the moment I solve this issue by automating the mapping/encosion-update by combing through the 4 banks after each command has been received. I would much prefer to have the mapping be applied as soon as I first turn to a bank with the cycle button)…….

am I being vague or can this be heard?
many thanks for the support!

and by the way :: the Code is a really fine piece of physical art, perfect for antimatter-art! so glad to have it right here next to me! Thank you guys


  • oh how very good!

    thanks for this…

    simply handle like any firmware update file? (i.e. drag into firmware-update-app?)
    any risks in overwriting the current firmware v222?
    can i downgrade back to old version if anything doesn't work?

    many thanks! this will transcend the handling of banks and automatic mappings, if not make it possible to save/load presets to all banks… (apply as soon as Code switches banks).

  • actually, I wasn't patient enough… had to try it!

    the great news is: the bank report works perfectly…
    what's pretty sad though is: the Code's MIDI Port has been renamed hence all my work needs its midi in/out objects to be renamed to "Code B_Controls" too… it would be worth the rigmarole if this port name will not change again when the firmware is finalized, back to "Code Controls", though i expect to.

    your advice?
    thanks for the build&share though! great stuff
  • big thanks Justin!

    this is just fantastic…
  • Hi again.

    I am posting this here because the following issue might have something to do with the V.2.2.6 Beta:

    the SysEx command F0 0 1 61 4 2 F7 (240 0 1 97 4 2 247) is meant to 'Save User Settings' but these are not being recalled when rebooting the device despite having received an ACK in return.

    I read somewhere that it can be necessary to wait for a certain time before unplugging the Code when settings have been saved to flash. Is this right? if so, for what reason & how long must I wait?
    I waited 15 seconds before unplugging/reactivating it.

    help would be superb because I would like to use relative encoders for set navigation in Ableton on a regular basis without having to send the strings to the device every time.

    and if it isn't an issue of this beta version I can repost this as a new thread as for it will affect other firmwares as well…

  • Hi Justin,

    great stuff!

    it works as expected, with one exception:

    The 'Save Settings for a Single Bank' command works the way you mentioned, though the bank number is being ignored and settings are being stored to the currently visible bank only, regardless of the added bank number; hence the bank number can be omitted entirely and the command is a '24' (only) as opposed to '25' for all banks…

    not sure yet, what 'Global Settings' pertains to, MIDI Merge? Local Control? basically anything not related to bank settings?

    furthermore, I found the original SysEx string on the Livid Wiki for the Code, perhaps it needs to be updated every now and again? ;)

    cheers Moon
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