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New CNTRL:R Live script



  • Hi Slight92,

    This is not a problem, they made it to function in this way. As you can see in the previous posts, we have requested to change this.

  • @milkthistle

    If you check the you will find the colour mapping. Join the section called translation you can set your own colours for the grid and buttons. By studying the colours on the section above the translation section, you will see that there are some actions with blinking leds. I hope this helps you a little bit, and I will look into this later as well.

  • @milkthistle:  I provided a way to change the colors in the user mapping pages because it was possible, but unfortunately once we hand off the controls to another channel, it's impossible for the script to affect what colors are set by Ableton.  This is a shortcoming of their MIDI Mapping system, and there isn't anyway around it through scripting.  As soon as Ableton turns on/off a control that is mapped via UserMapping, it will either send a 0 or a 127 (or 64?  I can't remember) to the control that is mapped, which is why you always see only one color as feedback on those buttons.  


  • Hi Amounra,

    Thanks for explaining this, I send you an email about this and also some other issue with the drumsteppr. Hopefully you will have the chance to check out the email. The other point was how to change the navigation in session mode to move by 1 track/scene instead of jumping 4 tracks/scenes.

    Take care,

  • @mikebosch

    I'm a little lost when you talk about handing off the controls to another channel. The problems you described with colors, is that specific to user mapping? How do the lights work with the default mapping, is that all taken care of through the classes defined in the script?
  • The problem with the colors is specific to user-mapping, yes.  The controller determines what color a button is painted depending on the velocity it receives.  Ableton does not offer any sort of customization for this value when you User-Map a control.  Consequently, if you user-map a button, when Ableton turns it on, it will always send a value that is greater than 63 (which means the on-value for every button is always going to be the same, by default I think it's green).

    The scripts deal with all of this directly, and are capable of sending different values depending on the situation, but when a control is user-mapped in Ableton, the script is completely bypassed so its out of our hands.


  • That is exactly what I found out myself as well, so it basically means that using specific colors for a user page is not useful, because the mapping will override it, due to the way that Ableton handles the mapping as described by Amounra.

  • The new version looks great. Don't know how I missed that this came out!

    Going through the wiki page / docs (, a few requests -

    In the first image (

    - Add "@ssign" and "lock" text to the bottom right in the 4x4 area

    Where is says use the "Session or Note" button, shouldn't it say "Sequence or Session" button?

  • Hello, thanks a lot for this update!! its just amazing how fast I can work now, I'm so happy and very excited to start using it... I just have a question how to change all my previous saved projects with this devices to frozen one? Currently I cannot activate them as it is working with new devices but I have a lot of saved projects with saved old DrumStepr and Synthstepr what to do now? and also currently when you are entering MFL mode all top encoders remain with the same functionality as in script mode so I cannot tweak last encoders in my MFL devices as groove, Repeat etc. thanks for the answer

  • A possible bug: the sixth button on the top row of 16 isn't responding to user input.

    Usability issue/request:
    In Accent, you have to hold Shift and turn the middle left encoder for access to the Repeat Len knob, but the button is activated from a different encoder. If m4l shift used the bottom row of encoders for the bottom row in Accent, it would make more sense: the Repeat Len knob and activator button would be on the same encoder.

    Feature requests:
    The Audio Clip loop time control is nifty, the same feature for Midi clips would be great, too. Is it possible?

    Setting velocities in the native (not max) sequencer would be amazing. Maybe holding down the step button and using an encoder to set the velocity? Or maybe color controls and hitting the button more than once to incrementally go through three pre-defined (in the script) velocities for the step + off?

    Also, thanks for making the user mode knobs/buttons/faders configurable in the script!

    Awesome script, thanks guys.

  • Sorry guys, these slipped past me somehow.


    Thanks for the wiki corrections, I'll work getting those fixed. 

    Sixth button:  I'll check it, but I suspect maybe you had it user mapped.  That's definitely something we would have noticed.

    Accent:  yes, they need to be swapped as they are in the the Drum/Synth stepprs.  I noticed this the other day and will add that to the list of changes for the next update.

    Loop controls for MIDI:  I think the mechanism works for midi clips, too....but it doesn't really fit into the scheme of things.  CNTRLR is really hard to design for, due to the layout of buttons.  We had to make some compromises in order to fit what we wanted in there.  The looping controls are kind of an easter-egg, really.

    Velocities:  I agree this would be nice, we'll keep it in mind.

    There are no major changes to the internal structure of the stepprs.....there shouldn't be a problem loading your old sets.  Worst case is you'll have to rename the new device with the same name as the old one so that Live knows how to find it.  Let me know if you still can't get this working, we can figure something out.

    As far as the extra controls you aren't able to access, they are on a "shifted" page.  If you press the modShift button on the top second encoder, you'll have access to the last parameters.

    Hope this helps guys!

  • Hey Amounra,

    Hav you got a solution for the earlier post from weeks ago? How can we change moving through the session view by steps of 1 track per time instead of jumping 4 tracks?

  • Thanks for the answer, problem which I'm talking about its not loading itself, but once I opening project where old stepprs were used I cannot control them with new script. So I would like to do is control with new script my saved M4L devices or at least update them somehow, is there any way?

    Also it might be possible to implement smth similar that Elektron machines sequencers have like parameter locks, or that you can tweak parameters with holding a button and then coming back to saved M4L device? it would be really useful, if there is anyway to do it, just give me a direction I can try to dig it.


  • Hi Mike,

    Did you update your firmware?

    Because, I think when I updated to the last one it works much better (scrolling between tracks)
  • Hi Wallace,

     Yeah my firmware is up to date, but the scrolling is in steps of 4 tracks/scenes, I prefer scrolling just one track/scene at the time.

    Thanks for asking.

  • Hey Mike, 

    Sorry for the delay, I saw your post several days ago but am just now getting a chance to sit down and look at it.

    I think what you want is this:

    @lines 216:

    def _on_scene_bank_dial_value(self, value):
    if value > 64:

    and @line 230:

    def _on_track_bank_dial_value(self, value):
    if value > 64:

    Let me know if you have any troubles :)


  • Hey Amounra buddy,

    Good to see that you are still alive hahahahaha. I will try this out and let you know if it worked. It probably will be ok.

    Thanks and take care.

  • HI Amounra,

    Just tried it, but doesn't seem to work. I have the controller with the encoders that turn with clicks, so when I turn the encoder the next click will scroll 4 tracks. I have changed the script like you said, but it doesn't seem to work.

  • Hi Mike.. 

    Merry christmas happy new year (belated) for you, FYI I updated the firmware on my side and now it's scrolling just one track/scene a time
    Ableton live: 9.1.6
    Firmware: cntrlr_115.hex

  • edited January 2015

    @Mike:  No, of course it doesn't work.  My bad.  Forget what I told you in the last post, instead add these lines to the stock script at around line 269 (anywhere within the CntrlrSessionComponent, actually).  I just tested it, it's working for me.  

    def _scroll_page_up(self):
    track_offset = self.track_offset()
    scene_offset = self.scene_offset()
    new_scene_offset = scene_offset
    new_scene_offset = max(0, scene_offset - 1)
    self.set_offsets(track_offset, new_scene_offset)

    def _scroll_page_down(self):
    track_offset = self.track_offset()
    scene_offset = self.scene_offset()
    new_scene_offset = min(scene_offset + 1, len(
    self.set_offsets(track_offset, new_scene_offset)

    def _scroll_page_left(self):
    track_offset = self.track_offset()
    scene_offset = self.scene_offset()
    new_track_offset = track_offset
    new_track_offset = max(0, track_offset - 1)
    self.set_offsets(new_track_offset, scene_offset)

    def _scroll_page_right(self):
    track_offset = self.track_offset()
    scene_offset = self.scene_offset()
    new_track_offset = min(track_offset + 1, len(self.tracks_to_use()))
    self.set_offsets(new_track_offset, scene_offset)

    edit::  and, FWIW, you shouldn't have to do ANYTHING.  When I tested the above, I didn't do so with the right copy of Live, so my results were bogus.  I was actually testing with the stock script, which with 9.17 gives me by single track/scene navigation when session is zoomed.  I don't know why, but tartari's observations are correct.  Strange....

  • @Tartari,

    Thanks for mentioning what firmware version you are using. I will double check and think I have missed this update. (I'm not sure, but when opening the online editor it shows a message that my firmware is up to date.

    I'll have a look anyway.

    @Amounra, thanks for this buddy I will try this later today.

  • @Tartari and @Amounra,

    Thanks guys, this was indeed solved by updating the firmware. I have updated the firmware and everything is working perfect.

    Thanks again. Now I'm gonna focus on the drumsteppr again.

  • @Amounra,

    By the way the scrolling is perfect now, but I was wondering if I it is possible to also move the 4x4 box per track in session view instead of moving the box by 4 steps?

  • edited January 2015

    Sorry my bad, just found out that you have to press the shift for that.

  • Hi guys,

    Just wanted to point out that I am doing some beta testing for the new DDC device from nativeKontrol. It seems to work with every midi controller and as far as I have tested till so far it works perfectly besides the CNTRLR V2 remote script. I can really recommend to keep an eye out for when the final release is ready, because this will make the midi mapping on your user pages even better than it is at the moment. Just imagine having the control over a device midi mapped to a button, fader or encoder on your user page that will work on every instance of that device in your set as long as you select the track.

    Just a bit of exciting news I wanted to share with all of you.

    Keep It Spinnin'

    Mike Bosch
    @ Amounra, hey buddy have you found out what the problem was with the drumsteppr when switching to cntrlr to rules?
  • Sorry Mike, I just can't reproduce it here.....if you figure out any new info, let me know, I'm definitely interested in fixing it if I can get something to grasp, but right now I can't make heads or tails of it.


  • edited February 2015

    Hey Amounra,

    Good to speak to you again buddy. I will see if I can find anything that is causing this, as you can see in the video I sent you a while ago, it is just happening when you have switched to the cntrlr to rules and when you switch back to cntrlr to mutes. If you then switch back to cntrlr to rules all seems to work fine, so I think it is something that is not picking up in the cntrlr to mutes after switching back.

    [Edit] By the way, when using the new DDC application from nativeKontrol (still in beta), you will be able to do some dedicated device mapping with coloured led feedback in the user pages, I am testing some stuff for him at the moment and till so far it goes pretty well in conjunction with the CNTRL:R script, just have to iron some stuff out to get it properly working with the Livid script, but other then that it is really awesome and a perfect addition to the Livid script.
  • Hey Amounra,

    Please take a look at the new Ableton 9.2 beta. There seem to be some changes that make the CNTRL:R script not work as it should. For example there are a few cases that the navigation stops working when on a midi track.

    There might be some other issues as well, but I will let you know as soon as I checked it out. As for now I would recommend everyone that is using the script a lot to turn of the automatic updates in Live.

    Mike Bosch
  • Not to worry, I'm aware of this.  I'll have an update available soon.


  • I've made some changes to the github repository, these should fix beta 9.21b problems with our scripts.  I haven't tested extensively, so please let me know if you find more issues besides the ones I've fixed.  Have the flu here, but I'll try to check in a little later to see what's going on....

    Be sure to replace _Mono_Framework in addition to all the other files.


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