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Questions on CNTRL:R workflow

edited November 2014 in Software Discussion

Hello everyone,

I'm curious on how you guys work with the cntrl:r. I work with Ableton live 9

I've basically come up with some issues when it comes to modifying new musical ideas. Generally, I set up steppr:r on a track and when I want to record midi, I send it to an other midi track. Now this allows me to write my ideas in midi.

Now, for example I have a midi pattern that I want to modify and that does not come from the stepp:r. So my idea was to set the incoming midi of the cntrl:r from that particular track. It works, the midi goes through the hardware, but then, I cannot modify it because the incoming midi only comes from the midi track and not the cntrl:r anymore.

How can I set up things to have for example a midi track that sends a pattern to the hardware (so I can physically see the midi notes in the sequencer) and the hardware that sends this pattern along with the modifications, in real time, to another midi track ?
My problem here is basically that things go only on one side : you've come up with a musical idea, you write it on the cntrl:r. You record this, every midi note comes out. Then imagine you're on the middle of the song and you decide to modify a pattern. In the meantime, you erased the patterns on the sequencer. How can you do it quickly without having to "rewrite" the pattern on the cntrl:r sequencer ?

How do you guys work with the Cntrl:R ? Any tips on making it more studio-ish that live-ish ?
How do you configure midi tracks with the cntrl:r ? Do you create a separate midi track for each slot in the drum rack or do you keep everything in a single midi track ?



  • HI Fck75.

    I normally just record the midi in another midi track, but soon there will be an update for the remote scripts and then you will be able to edit the midi in the track itself, without having to record it into a new midi track. So all will happen on the same track. I just use the CNTRL:R mostly for playing live and for jamming or use it to DJ with Ableton. Simply because I also bought the CNTRL:R with performance in mind instead of studio work.

    When I work in the studio I usually use my Roland TR-8, TB-3, Korg Volca Beats, Bass and Keys, and my two launchpads with LPC Live 2, and the Machine Mikro MKII (and sometimes also the ipad). So I have my live set gear and studio gear separated, but they can also be combined in any way to work live or in the studio. For example, sometimes I use Oktopad FOUR on the Launchpad for DJ sets together with the CNTRL:R or use the CNTRL:R with Traktor and use one deck as a live input for the Maschine Mikro.

    I hope you got a bit of an idea of my setup and workflow, but it depends very much on my mood and what I want to use for my song. Sometimes it can be plugins and sometimes it can be hardware, that works better in the song or in the workflow for that particular song. It all depends. Another great tool is Liquid Rhythm if you haven't got it have a look it is a very nice tool.

    Keep It Spinnin'

    Mike Bosch
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