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Guitar Wing Firmware Update

edited January 2015 in Hardware

This update will allow the Guitar Wing to work with the Guitar Wing Editor.

To update the firmware on your Guitar Wing, you will need to download the Livid Guitar Wing Firmware Update utility and the Guitar Wing firmware.
(Unzip these files before using them.)

Download the Guitar Wing Firmware Update Utility:

Guitar Wing Firmware Update 0.71 - Mac OS X (10.6+)
Guitar Wing Firmware Update 0.71 - Ubuntu (12.04+)
Guitar Wing Firmware Update 0.71 - Windows (7+)


Download the Guitar Wing firmware:
Guitar Wing - Device Firmware 0.59

updating the firmware be sure that your Wing is charged and your computer is plugged in.

1) Plug in the USB receiver and power on the Wing in bootload mode by holding down one of the side buttons as you turn it on.
    The Wing will perform a nice light show if it's in bootload mode.

2) Wait 10-15 seconds. This allows time for the USB receiver to connect to the Wing while it's in bootload mode.

3) Open the gwing_firmware_update software and click on the tab that says "Firmware Update".

4) Drag and drop the unzipped .bin file into the box that says "drag and drop firmware here".
     Ignore the (.hex) indicator, we will be using a (.bin) file.
With versions 0.71 and above you can manage the connection using the 'connect' menu-button at the bottom of the screen.

Now you will see a prompt that says "programming x%". This may take 5 minutes or so.
Once the programming is complete, power down the Wing and disconnect the USB receiver.

Here is a walk through video:

You are now ready to begin using the editor! Head over to the editor post:


"device not found, is it in bootloader mode?"
If you encounter this message after you drag and drop the file:

- Quit the gwing_firmware_update software, unplug the USB receiver, and power down the Wing.
- Start over at step 1 of the update instructions. Be sure to wait a good 15 seconds in step number 2.

If you still have any questions, make a post here or fill out a support ticket.

(EDIT: 10/11/14 - Added Link for Ubuntu (verified working on 12.04 and 14.04))
(EDIT: 12/05/14 - Updated Firmware to version 059 from version 054.)
(EDIT: 01/12/15 - Updated Firmware Update Software to version 071 from version 069.)
(EDIT: 01/22/15 - Updated Download Links to their final Locations.)


  • Same problem as before. The device disconnected (shutdown or loose connect) did not reconnect until you remove and replug the dongle. Sometimes it reconnect alone but very eratic, when you push a lot of button and wait. Can you put touch combinations to say to the dongle that the device is on and connected ? The flash software wake up the device and connect it even if i shutdown it so theire is a way to explore and integrate in the firmware. Better on MacOs now cause i can have reconnection sometimes auto (eratic mode) or with unplug the dongle, no more need to delete the device in the Midi/audio setup, that's a step but always a gadget not a real instrument for my need.

  • This firmware update was all about the editor. Stay tuned for connection updates. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Wow this firmware update is awesome! Now it can save and remember any configuration I save to the Guitar Wing. That's great, my only issue is the same as djk314, if I power down the guitar wing, then turn it back on I loose any connectivity, until I unplug the dongle then plug it back in, while turning the guitar wing back on, at exactly the same time. What would be great, is if the dongle could always just been plugged in and listening for whenever the guitar wing turns on or off. That would be great, then I think the guitar wing is ready for the stage! My Alesis wireless vortex keytar, can do it, so I know it's possible. Another sweet option would be, to be able to save different setup configurations from the new editor: gwing_editor_023, to file somewhere on you computer. That way you could just load in different configurations you've created via the computer. Different strokes, for different folks if you know what I mean!

  • Hi tbirleffi,

    Glad you are enjoying the update! It is known that the Wing and USB receiver must both be power cycled at the same time to make a connection. This is how it was designed. We are looking into options to make the connection process more flexible. Stay tuned for more updates, possibly as early as next week! (please don't quote me on the time frame ;)

    We will also be adding the ability to save a settings file locally on your computer and load it back onto the wing using the editor!


  • I can not exit the bootloader mode.  Powering down the guitar wing and switching on again doesn't help, I stil see the "disco light show".

  • > p8guitar said: > I can not exit the bootloader mode.  Powering down the guitar wing and switching on again doesn't help, I stil see the "disco light show".

    I had this happen as well, but I did the update without plugging in the USB cable. I did the update again, this time with the USB cable plug in and it worked properly. Perhaps having it plugged in is a requirement for a successful update?
  • I did the update without the cable easily and its working fine now.

  • edited December 2014

    Suggestion - could we have an auto power off feature to conserve battery life? I've forgotten to turn it off and found it out of batteries too many times. It would also be excellent if we could specify the amount of time - say fifteen minutes or half an hour of no activity for home use and an hour or two for live performance situations. Thanks!

    PS: what is the expected battery life on a full charge?

    PPS: ENORMOUS bonus points for making it automatically reconnect to the dongle on wake/power on as I actually can't imagine a situation where I'd want it to be turned on but NOT connected to the dongle :D.
  • Yes, I've thought about this a fair bit since that post, and I'm not coming up with a situation in which the Guitar Wing would be of any use without being connected to the dongle. They work together or not at all, so automatic connection to the Wing on plugging in the dongle, plus automatic connection to the dongle on powering on the Wing, is actually the only thing that makes any logical sense from the end-user's perspective. Their default state seems to me that it should be "connect to each other unless instructed otherwise; keep trying until you succeed; automatically detect a failed connection and immediately reconnect" (I'm assuming both sides can initiate a connection, which may not be the case). Hope you manage to come up with a solution!

  • Thanks - ok, I'm intrigued :)

  • I've enjoyed my first few days of Guitar Wing use, and I realize now that it's a little inconvenient that I must unplug/replug the dongle every time I power on the GW.

    Seems ironic, even: I've got a wireless device here, that talks to that device, over there, but every time I turn this one on, I have to go over there. I'm using it to control MIDI hardware by connecting it to an iConnect4+. It worked out of the box. (awesome!)

    But it's not a huge prob. Bigger prob: the dongle will probably break after a few thousand unplug/replugs. I hope you have a plan for replacement dongles when one breaks!

    Workaround: I found a short USB extension cable and I unplug THAT instead. I leave the dongle on the extension cable. I still have to reach behind the iConnect+ router to unplug/replug, though, because its USB Host Jack is on the rear (odd choice) even though its main MIDI ports on its front.


  • Hi Mooncaine,

    We are working on an update that allows you to use a software button to reset the connection, so you don't need to power down both devices every time! This will be released very soon.

    Yes we have replacement USB receivers available.

    Stay tuned for that update, glad you are enjoying the Guitar Wing!

  • Excellent - loving the progress! Rightly or wrongly, guitarist prospective buyers will tend to view this through the lens of "guitar effect pedal" (the only previous existing category of device it fits into). The expectations of guitar FX pedals are formed from 50 years of community experience - "must retain settings between gigs, must boot up with the user's chosen settings, no question of it losing connection to the rest of the chain (i.e. amp)". Every conceptual step it takes into the world of "works exactly like your digital multiFX pedal" is IMO an important one for broad acceptance.

  • hi,I can't update my guitar wing's firmware,it always shows "usb receiver found, not responding".My OS win7 64 bit.

  • Hi~I have tried to upload with another computer with win7 32 bit os ....but it's still the same situation...

  • It can work as ordinary midi Controller,and here is the screenshot

  • edited February 2015

    Hello, is there any chance to have a beta bios that have an autoreconnect mapped on a button or something ? Cause i'm playing in Womadelaide Festival (6-9 March)  and i will walk thrue the park with sound trolleys, i will get disconnect for sure but if i need to start the firmware updater and search connect each time it will be very boring. Thank's.

    PS ; i have the device from 5 months now and i never could use it in real situation because of this....
  • Mac Os 10.6 sl for gigs and mavericks/windows 8.1 at home.

  • I will not use Yosemite anymore, removed from my Hackintosh's reverted back to Mavericks. And my macbook will stay SL. Don't understand why the need to use Yosemite  for flashing a firmware. I'm not a real Mac user; i'm more Linux/PC but for some co-workers that use Mac i took a broken one (repaired myself i was Computech before professional musician) for share with other musicians on Logic. In the near future i will PC Win10 (already have the pre-release) and Ableton. May be Bluetooth accessories can't trig the receiver but a midi button from a cabled controler could do the trick (even a wifi midi bouton controler too like i use TouchOsc on Android). I thing i could do this with touch Osc if the command for scan the Wing could be trigged by a command line or something else like apple script/java, launched by controllermate software. The thing i find strange is that my bluetooth headphone/Mic (for my phone) re-take the signal alone when get disconnect on the receiver, so why the wing can't do that ?

  • Ok i understand you will use without a dongle, but i don't care about that, cause the dongle solution exist too. What will be intersting is :

    root@:> /reconnect
    Or best, that the gwin editor receive a midi command directly, cc or note to launch that reconnect command, easy to trig with TouchOsc. But need to implement a midi software interface in the editor.

  • Get disconnected today, in the park of Adelaide Australia (Womad Festival), hope for the "Premiere" of the show i will not be.... I couldn't reconnect until i removed the dongle and re-launched the editor to scan the port.image


  • Hi.

    The no-dongle connection makes total sense to me. In fact, this is what I was expecting from the beginning. This way you should be able to use it with any bluetooth enabled computer/phone/tablet or any bluetooth receiver. 

    Moon, you mentioned that you are working on this feature for iOS and Mac. Not for Windows? In the meantime, how are you supposed to connect the GW to an iOS device? I tried via Camera Connection Kit, but that didn't work. It said that the device required too much power. I guess the solution is using a powered hub.

    Is the no-dongle connection working on Android? I tried pairing. It detects the Wing (doesn't happen on iOS), but asks for a PIN.

    Also, finding info about firmware updates/new features (like the battery meter) if pretty damn difficult. Thank god for google. The forum search is pretty useless. Maybe a changelog in the wiki would be possible? Or updating the manual with all this info?

    Thanks for the good work.
  • Hi guys,

    I'm sorry if this is covered somewhere, but I can't find it if it is.  I'm attempting to use the round button on the tip of the wing (the one that was by default set to toggle the motion sensor on/off) as a tap tempo for my H9.  The wing detects the pressure I use as a value, which sends haywire tempos to the pedal.  I can't figure how to make it stop doing this.  I am also unable to uncheck the "motion" box for this button and have it save that way.  Is that a software glitch, or a current limitation of the hardware?
    Also, the other four round ones are sending a cc as I release the button as well as when I press it... AND when I hold the button down and vary the pressure I'm applying.  Can I make these buttons literally just "momentary" switches without these values being sent?   I just want them to send cc messages for my H9. 
    Am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks in advance!
  • To be more specific:  I don't want the touch pressure sensitivity to be sent as cc messages.  Can I make this stop?  I've spent many hours trying to customize my wing for my needs, and this is so frustrating :)

    Thanks again!
  • Thanks for the answers, Moon. Congrats for the great support you give.

    Hey Tubasco.

    I've been having problems with the motion checkbox too. I think that's pretty glitchy. I've succcessfully disabled the motion checkbox, but I think it boils down to luck, pretty much. I would do a factory reset, start by configuring the button you want to use/or not use as a motion control, check that that works, and then continue the configuration. Also, try not to go to the configuration of that first button anymore, since it goes haywire pretty easily.

    Also, the release message: I think it was said in this thread that it is not possible to disable that for now.

    In regard to the touch pressure thing: you can disable aftertouch or pressure in the advanced mode. For your setup, I would set the Control>Message to "none", and the Key>message to "CC", with an "on value" of 127 (I guess? I don't know how your pedal handles the tap tempo. Maybe if it receives a CC it reads the value as a tempo. Perhaps you should send a Note message instead. You should check with the manual). This way it only sends a single On CC message, and the release message. This worked for me.

    I believe the Control tab in the advanced mode is for Continuous Change messages, which are supossed to change over time. The Key tab is for single instance messages, which is what you want.

    Hope that helps.
  • Hey eudes.

    Thanks so much for the tips!  Thanks for the heads up on the terminology as well.   I forgot I never downloaded the editor update to get the advanced mode.  You've been extremely helpful :)

    And thank you Moon, I really appreciate the device and the work you put into helping us get the most out of it.  I am so thrilled to show you what I'm up to once I finish fine tuning it for my needs.  You rock!

    I'll start a new thread soon with some insight into how I'm using my guitar wing.

  • Hi Moon,

    Will the direct connect allow me to edit the wing's buttons while the usb receiver is in my hardware?  In other words, can I possibly have the wing connected to the computer for editing purposes while it's also connected to my usb host device... for realtime testing of the buttons' changes?  I understand that it is in beta right now... I'm just thinking, if that were possible, it would be SO handy and save me a ton of time.  As is right now I have to swap the usb receiver between my computer and the usb host while I'm programming buttons, and therefore wait for the wing to pair up.  Sometimes I have to close and reopen the software editor a couple times for it to recognize the usb receiver and connect fully to the wing.
    If the wing can only pair to one or the other, maybe there's a way to make it hot-swappable?
    I hope this made sense, lol.  
    Thanks in advance :)
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