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DS1 doesn't work with Ableton Live 9

Hi Men.. I've a problem with DS! and Ableton Live.. I have a Mac and a Windows PC.. in each of these I have Live 32 and 64 installed.. I've already installed the Control Surface Script.. in a Mac.. in Preferences Midi of Live i can see dhe ds1 but after setting it up.. the automap don't work... only midi signal.. I do not think I should be mapped one to one faders and knobs. that's right? then.. in Windows Pc does not change from Mac but when i install the surface script in MIDI Remote Scripts does not create the folder Livid DS1..I have to go manually create and place the files inside.. this is normal? Thank you for your attention.. Raffaele


  • Everything is working here, so lets check your versions and settings.

    On the Mac, what version of Live are you using? 9.x?

    On the Windows, what version of Live are you using? 9.x?

  • The verions are 9.1.5 in all os.

  • sorry... on my mac there is a version 9.1

  • Ok here is the 9.1 script for Mac:

    Can you please share a screen shot of your settings for each system?

  • Yes. as soon as I get home I'll send you all.

  • @Mark, I don't think 9.1 installers have DS1 in them....that script was written after new Live versions were released, I think rafdask will have to update to a current version of Live before it will work.


  • I solved it by installing LividLive91RemoteScripts both for Mac and for Windows. thanks! Raf.

  • hello .

    i have the same problem ! 

    i dont find the ds1 in the surfae control

    i tried with all versions of script

    i have a windows . and my version of live is 9.1.3

  • Can you update to the latest version of Live 9?

  • hi,i have a problem with my ds1 and live

    i have live 9.5 and i can  t find livid ds1 in control surface  on live preference(but ds1 are on input and output
    thanks for your help
  • We are currently updating our scripts. Please fill out a support ticket and they can direct you to manually install the scripts for now:

  • Mark could you possibly ask LIVID team to update the ds 1 script quicker please as it is not working anymore in Live 9.5 (input and output ok but no sign of ds 1  in surface control in midi preferences). It's taking too long time and it feels like not buying ever again any LIVID stuff.


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