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CNTRL:R not working with Ableton Suite 9

Hi Everyone,

I just bought my Livid Cntrl:R and Im having trouble making it work with ableton. I watched the videos on the website on how to configure the controller with the Midi. I also downloaded and installed the latest scripts! Im still having trouble making it work. The good news is Live is picking up a midi signal so I can map it manually. But I want to make the most of the intuitive factory mappings that come along with it. I am also a new live user and have installed Ableton just for the use of the CNTRL:R!! Please help if you have any suggestions.

I run a Mac OS X 10.6.8 with Ableton Live Suite 9.1

Thanks in advance


  • Hi Slight92,

    First of all welcomer to the Livid family. Make surer you have the latest version of Ableton installed and make sure you have installed the correct script for the version of Ableton you have installed. Most of the times this is the solution at first use, but if you still have problems just let us know, because everyone on the forum is help each other to get the best out of the devices. And I am checking the forum almost every day to see if there are questions or if there is news for the CNTRL:R.

    Mike Bosch
  • Thanks alot Mike - it seems to be working fine now...

  • OK cool,

    I received your email and just send you a reply.

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