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Ohm RGB "Standalone"

Hi everyone,

I'd like to know if it's possible to use the RGB as a "standalone" controller, how can I power it ? I want to use it to control hardware synths without the need of computer




  • At this point there is no way to use it standalone. You can add a USB midi host in place of the computer:

    We do plan to add this feature in the next Ohm RGB firmware update, but there is not currently a schedule for that.

    The CNTRL:R and CODE are capable of standalone mode now.

  • Up

    I just installed firmware v076, was this feature added ?

  • Any update on making the OHMRGB function standalone?  It's been almost a year.  I'm looking for this functionality!

  • I’m Interested too ! Any update ?

  • edited November 4


    No one to respond please ?

  • Hi Yohnel,

    No, unfortunately, this device was discontinued in 2015. 
    We do not currently plan on making another firmware update to add this feature.

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