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In your opinion, how easy is it to MIDI map the Base/II

I'm considering the Base II and I came across a light review on gearslutz in which a user suggests that general MIDI mapping is trickier than expected.  My intention with the Base II is just to just dive into Live, Map the parameters to my leisure, and go from there.  I want to be able to map aftertouch separately from velocity and on/off states.  As well I just want to map the sliders as I wish too. I am completely new to Livid products but I understand they offer deep customization and special online software.  What I'm trying to find out is whether I have to use special software (or jump through  hoops) in order to do what I consider to be straight forward MIDI mapping.

Thanks in advance.


  • We use straight forward "midi learn" in Live.

    The pads and faders output note and cc messages, so it takes a little finesse/touch to  separate the two while mapping.

    You can pay close attention while mapping and if it latches to the note but you want cc, wiggle your finger more until the cc/aftertouch message is midi mapped.

    Alternatively, you can use the online editor to disable the note or cc message while you use midi learn, then the mapping is easy as pie.

    Either way my post probably makes it sound more difficult than it is!

  • No, this actually sounds much easier than I expected. Thanks.

  • Follow up question:

    I need a device that is heavily programmable. Does Livid software allow for customization along the lines of setting up conditionals? For example, "Press these two buttons and it triggers another button.  If this button is pressed, it disables another".  This can be accomplished with Max/MSP but I'm wondering if Livid's software offers that.

  • You would need to do that in Max. BASE// allows you to bank through 8 "pages", each on its own midi channels, but there is no shift function or conditionals like you've described.

  • You can also do this with the Controller Manager inside Traktor's Preferences

  • Great, thank you for that clarification.  Regarding using Max, I've nearly given up on using it with my APC40. One of the annoying aspects of that is that you have to disable every default setting of the APC40 in order to then customize it. I'm looking for an easier device better designed for customization. Has anyone worked with customizing the Base's functionality using Max?

  • Our controllers work great with Max, all of the LED behavior is controllable through midi messages that you can send with Max. What exactly do you want to do with it?

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