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Seeed Studio components with Brain v2

Hi Guys,

Just bought one of the Brain v2 and have been looking at the seeed studio Circular LED boards and encoders.
Has anybody used these successfully and if so how did you go about wiring/ config?
Very much looking forward to getting into building a controller with the Brain!



  • The LED ring component will not work because it uses a type of serial communication not supported by the Brain v2.

    You can wire 24 LEDs to the first header on the brain v2, then place them in a circle where you like and use the editor to make them behave like LED rings when you turn a control.

    The Brain v2 makes LED rings easy!

  • Ok, thanks for the reply Mark.

    I wanted to try and get away from building my own led rings really, so wanted to see what was out there on a slightly larger size.  Also as I've got to replicate them a few times over ;)

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