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CODE Max for Live Devices


I cannot seem to make the devices respond: step code, drone code etc.  

I have the LividcodeM4L script installed alongside all of the other Livid scripts (as I used the suggested installer).   Interestingly the 'code control' device responds but the hardware controls do not correspond with the gui.  I have the latest version of max for live, and live and have loaded the latest scripts from the livid site.

Does the code need to have the default assignments made via the editor for these M4L devices to work?  I have done this but I prefer the CODE using 4 banks or with the Griid script both of which I can do just fine.

Any help is appreciated.



  • I think that these devices expect the controller to be in the default state. Have you tried running them with the controller at defaults?

  • You'll definitely need to have the default settings loaded on the controller.  

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