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Base Auto Scale. Ableton

edited October 2014 in Hardware


Is there a way to define/change the autoscale function's scale without having to go into the script?  I would like to be able to change scale types without it affecting the ability to automatically change to a drum rack when selected.

Thank you in advance.


  • The script stores the settings on a "per channel" if you have the input of one track set to ch. 2, and set it's scale to "Minor", it will remember that.  Meanwhile, you can have the setting for "All Channels" set to "Auto".  In addition, you can store this setting on the track by renaming the instruments device (if it's an Ableton native device, or if you group a non-Abe device in a rack) with a trailing "@scale:".  The @attribute will update anytime you change the setting for that particular channel setting.

    Does that make sense?


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