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Problem toggling LEDs on DS1

edited October 2014 in Hardware

I managed to get the buttons above the 8 sliders to toggle but I can't get the LEDs to change color. When I set them to momentary they change color when pushed. How do I do this? I looked first though the forum, couldn't find an answer. 



  • I'm also having issues with my button LED colours. I changed all the original note/cc numbers to suit my set-up and left the LED colours as default. However, the colours of the button LED's now do not match the (default) set-up in the online editor.

  • The problems I was having were due to a bug in the editor and have now been fixed. To change the color of the button, first press it. Then in the inspector choose the color you want it to be. Do this for each button. Then go to global settings and save 'off colors'. If you want a different color for 'on' then change all the buttons to that color and save 'on colors'. That's of course if you've enabled toggle. Hope that helps. 

  • Hi Xymplx, Thanks for the information. The problem appears to have corrected itself (I'll check it through again this evening) - do you know when the bug in the editor was fixed, was it recently? May I ask what internet browser are you opening the editor in?

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