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OhmRGB :: How to Map Button LEDs & Local Control?

edited October 2014 in Hardware

A) Map Button's to Note/CC, yes, but how to map a button's LED??

I am working on a solution to smoothly map the buttons on the Ohm and control the presets from within Ableton. This works great, however, the button mapping and LED responses are somehow being flawed because changing a button's note mapping doesn't necessarily change its LED mapping (??). I have combed through the sysex chart to find solutions for mapping LEDs to buttons too but except for command 04 B*42 and 09 LL HH CR (CR very cryptical indeed!) which simply set LED states no matter which button they are assigned to (I assume??) I could not find any solution. There must be a command though because the editor provides this option.. the goal for me personally is to always keep the led and note mapping in sync so they need to be mapped identically whenever changse occur. how would I go about this?? what's the sysex or settings channel command?? many thanks!

B) How to set button's Local Control behaviour? 

what's more, the request command 07 07 08 and settings response command 07 08 provide info on MIDI state, for instance Local Control. it is mentioned in the wiki that this is 'a response command only, and will be ignored if received by the OhmRGB' and one must 'use the official MIDI messages to change these settings', yet in the wiki there is no command listed that allows the change of Local Control behaviour so I would be thankful to learn about it! cheers!



  • okay, i finally understood the logic.

    the 'erase entire midi input map' does not seem to work however, i managed to unmap all leds individually from buttons which aren't part of my button mapping in a range of sysex commands… it now works. GREAT!!

    still interested in the local control command though — any chances?

  • For local control settings changes the OhmRGB expects a value from cc122 on ch. 16.
    The value changes depending on the desired setting:

    Momentary AND toggle OFF: 64
    Mom AND tog ON: 112
    Mom ON tog OFF: 96
    Mom OFF tog ON: 80

  • thanks Mark, this is what I was after!

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