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Guitar Wing with On Stage Guitar Rig (5 Pin MIDI)

edited October 2014 in Hardware

How does the USB Connector work with the Guitar Wing.  I use a lot of MIDI functions with my live guitar rig.  Is there a way to use a USB-5 pin MIDI adapter/converter of some sort so that I could reprogram it to run my live rig?  All of my live rig is 5 pin MIDI and no computers in the setup.

thanks for any insight

Baub Eis


  • Yeah that looks like what I'm looking for.  Looked at a few different ones but wasn't sure I could plug the guitar wing USB into a straight interface vs a computer.  So then can you program the functions of the guitar wing with a computer and then when I gig, it remembers the settings?  Or how does that work?

  • We are working to release an editor for the Guitar Wing that will allow you to do exactly that, change settings and save to the Wing. It should be released in the next couple weeks.

    The Kenton or the iconnect4 are the only USB MIDI hosts that we've tested with.

  • Ok Great!  This is exactly what I am looking for.  Not in a big hurry but setting up for a tour in Feb-March.

    So with the editor, I would just plug GW into a laptop of some sort.  Config and then good to go?  This is exaclty what I have been looking for!!!!

  • Yes exactly. We will make an announcement here in the forums when its ready.

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