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Problem with Cntrl:R and Ableton Live (help !)

edited October 2014 in Hardware

Hello everyone,

I just bought the cntrl:r and I really can't seem to make it work with ableton live.

I'm currently using Ableton Live 9.0.6. I downloaded the Ableton Live scripts, installed them (they are showing up in the ressources / midi scripts folder). I got into Live's preferences, selected the cntrl:r control surface and set the inputs and outputs to control. But the cntrl:r just seems to behave like a generic midi controller ! Live is recieving the midi messages (I can map the knobs and stuff), but there is no script !

Also, I'm using Max for Live 6.1 and I can't get the stepp:r to work either ... First of all, in my cntrl:r stepper, the note starts at G#0 and not C1 (as it should be ?). Even when I put samples in the drum rack to fit the notes of the sequencer, nothing happens ... It still behaves like a generic midi controller .... Am I missing something here ? Your help would be MUCH apreciated.

PS : the stepp:r current version is 1.3. I also have 2 midi scripts folders in my Live's midi script folder :

CNTRL_R with a lot of files and Livid_CNTRLR with just a few files.

Thanks everyone


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