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Base I pad problem

edited September 2014 in Hardware


I have the base 1 for almost a year.
I started to use it around march, only for gigs. (approx. twice a month)

I did notice some pads were a bit harder than others, but nothing alarming.
but it's getting worse and worse with time.

the 4 right pads are below the plastic casing and are extremelu unresponsive.
some pads in the middle aren't very responsive too.
oftenly pressing a pad counts twice. it happens a lot when I press several pads at once (almost all the time).
I tested with the online editor I can observe this in the midi message monitor. (I use fixed velocities).

does that justify to send it back ? (I bought it @ because technically everything works. it doesn't work perfectly but nothing's broken.

thanks in advance



  • You can use the online editor to adjust the sensitivity:

    online Editor

    If you still feel that the pads are unresponsive, fill out a support ticket here:

  • edited October 2014

    yep I tried this already. it changes nothing to the fact some pads are pressed twice when I just press them once. and some pads are still very unresponsive compared to others with the same sensitivity setting.

    I'll send it back to thomann (I phoned them, it seems serious enough to justify it). they have a good warranty system.

    too bad it will take 3 to 4 weeks. I won't be able to use it at my next gigs (I'll have to find a replacement solution). now I regret having sold my old block when I got the base :/
  • If you are open to shipping it back here we can fix it much faster. Please fill out a support ticket if you'd like to discuss:

  • it's quite expensive to send it from france.

    with thomann's warranty shipping costs are free.

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