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What type of sensor to use in drum controler

edited September 2014 in Hardware

Looking to build something similar in design to the drum pad pictured below. I want to be able to play it with drum sticks and each pad will be about 3 by 6 inches I am running into Abelton so it only needs to be a midi controller. I am wondering what the best type of sensor to use would be, after watching this video I was thinking of going with the Piezo Element but also saw Force Sensitive Resistors like this that seem similar to what the Akai MPC uses. also since the pads are not square I was looking at and Any incite on the best route to take would be greatly appreciated.


  • If you plan to use one of our brains, then the FSR, force sensing resistor, is the way to go for sure!

  • thanks. if the FSR is square but the pad above is odd shaped does that effect it much. also if I just wanted to use toggle buttons any ideas on who to build an on shaped button?

  • I wouldn't think it would effect it too much as long as the material covers a good part of the FSR.

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