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BASE used as Serato Midi Controller - Pad colours won't stay on!

edited September 2014 in Hardware

I've just got a BASE for use as a midi controller for Serato.

I've updated the firmware and been attacking the online editor to customise the button colours.
All of these are set up as I want and I have saved the settings to the device, but here is my problem...

Whenever I trigger a Base pad (for example one of the cue points I've set up - The midi mapping is fine and I have the pads triggering what I want them to trigger - same with the faders) the pad light goes off and stays off until I re"colour" it in the editor.

How can I get the unit to keep the pad lit with the colour I want/have set up?
Even better would be if the unit would light the cue points that are present in the Serato file, eg if one of the loaded files only has 3 cue point set up then only cue lights 1,2 & 3 would light up, although I can live without this if it isn't possible.

Hope someone can help out on this one.





  • Update.

    I seem to have gotten around the pads turning off by disabling Serato's "Enable Serato's Midi Output Lighting" function in the settings screen :)

  • I think I spoke too soon.
    I'm having to load the light settings to BASE once I have loaded up Serato as most of the lights are wiped out on the progame load.
    Thankful the offline editor does it's thing.

    If there is anyway around this I would love to know :)

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