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Can you connect Momentary buttons to Analog connections on brain JR

edited September 2014 in Hardware

I'd like to use the Analog connections for Momentary buttons,  is this possible?


  • Yes check it out:

    This applies for brain jr. too.

  • edited September 2014

    Ah ok thanks, makes sense,  so it's this:

    (Note Output Only)

    • 10: Button (Note Output Only)

    Button Mode Allows you to connect a button as an Analog Control. To connect a button as an analog:
    1. Connect 1 side of the button to Analog Power (pin 2 of any Analog pin header)
    2. Connect other side of the button to Analog Signal (pins 3-10 of any Analog pin header).
    3. Connect a 10k resistor between the Analog Signal and Analog Ground (pin 1 of any Analog pin header).

    How do I change to mode 10 button mode on brain JR?

  • Yep! You need the Brain v2/jr editor:

    Brain V2 / Jr. Configure v1.07

    | Windows

    Under the analog section you will see "mode" or "type" in that drop down select "btn".


  • Ah perfect,   just loaded it up,   I see that you can change the type for EACH input that's nice.   I was afraid id have to choose all btn or pot.    Planning to use a mix of both

  • Share a pic when you're finished!

  • Hi there,

    I've tried this configuration but the buttons seem to trigger every other enabled midi note in the analog section.
    Any ideas?

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