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The Issue with Base 2

edited September 2014 in Software Discussion

Hey All,

I'm coming from a DJ community that experiments with new controllers. I want to talk about the Base 2.

First off, this thing is awesome! The pads are RGB, the touch sensors are on point, and the layers are optional.

I do have a lot of problems with this though, and it might just be software related. Does anyone else agree with these options?

To make the Base 2 the best midi-controller, we need the ability to:
1. Set an "off" state per control. Currently I can set the whole controller to one colour for an OFF state, this is terrible.
2. Pads change colour based on pressure. There is no way to set 1 colour for a press. I basically want: Off - Blue; Pressed - Green.
3. For the touch faders, it's missing the ability to change the invert colours. It would be nice if we could set these "invert" colours vs the device doing it for us
4. A shift button. It's great that we can switch layers, but I want the ability to load a 2nd layer while the 2nd layer button is pressed. The moment I release the 2nd layer button it should go back to my previous active layer... This should be an option in the editor
5. Toggle buttons that do not send one CC note. There should be a toggle button that sends the same CC note when turned on and off, not just when it's turned on (Useful for apps such as Serato DJ and Scratch Live where I turn an effect on but cannot see it)
6. Pressing a button and able to trigger a light change on the board. EG I press the touch button above the faders and it turns on the corner light until the next press which would turn it off.



  • Thanks Moon for the information!

    #6 reflects #5 a little bit.

    Item #5:
    Here's my current case:
    Serato DJ has On/Off state for effects. When I press the touch button above the touch faders, a light only turns on when contact is being made.
    1. Press touch button -> Serato DJ effect turns on
    2. Press touch button again -> Serato DJ effect turns off

    The problem is that I don't have any way of knowing if the effect is currently on or off on the Base 2. I can't use Toggle because a note/CC is sent only when toggle is turned on. Really this is where Midi Out would help, however not all apps have this. 

    It would be cool if there was an option to re-send the note/cc when toggle moves to Off state.

    Item #6:
    It would be cool to change the light value of another CC when a button has some toggle action. For example: If I tap the Touch Button above a fader to Toggle On, the Touch Fader will turn Green. When Touch Button is Toggled Off, the Touch Fader would turn Red.
  • Hey Moon, I cannot find these in the livid editor: - disable Local Control for FSR CC Output for pads. - enable Local Control for FSR Note Output for pads.

    Where do I go to enable this?

    Also, I got a chance to play with the new firmware. I currently set the default off value for all pads to blue. When I set a pad to Green using the RGB values on the right side of the editor, once the pad is pressed, it returns to blue. How do I make this return to green?

  • Any update on this?

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