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OhmRGB does NOT RESPOND to certain SYSEX Messages

edited September 2014 in Hardware

Hi @community,

i am facing the issue that the OhmRGB does not respond to all SysEx messages (those described in the Livid Wiki). The Bank Cycle button press does not cause the device to send the current bank sysex, neither does it respond when requesting bank channels (no messages at all). The Ohm does respond with the bank id sysex however, when I send it a program change, though only with an ACK, not the bank id. Also, my MIDI Basic Channel has somehow been mapped to 8, which is the MIDI Channel i most often use on Bank 3… hence I am a little confused! i need the Ohm to respond when changing banks via bank cycle to update patches which are designated to certain banks. It works fine on the CNTRL:R and according to the Wiki this should be true for the Ohm too. 
Advice anyone? 

thanks so much!


  • okay cool! Thank you moon for the tip…

    I updated the firmware to v066 and the OhmRGB now responds to bank cycle presses (good, thanks!)

    however, now certain OTHER SysEx messages are being ignored, for instance sending

    F0 0 1 76 5 7 1A F7 (240 0 1 118 5 7 26 247)

    to the OhmRGB should report the current bank (according to the wiki), though unfortunately it does not send anything in response… BUT — and this is me figuring it out while i keep testing and typing this message at the same time — the reason for this is a wrong documentation in the wiki, which might need updating ;)

    you wrote

    [240, 0, 1, 97, 7, 7, 22, 0, 0, 247]
    requests a single bank's channel (and it works), but according to the wiki it is 

    [240, 0, 1, 118, 5, 7, 22, 247], and this doesn't work…

    requesting the current bank equally requires 97 (ohm) and 7, 7 to be sent rather than 118 (?) and 5, 7 like it is listed in the wiki. all those commands listed as 118 5 7 in the wiki all do not work, i updated the firmware hoping to resolve this but it turns out the commands aren't correct… at least it appears that way!? if there are differences for different versions of the ohm it might be worth pointing out, also for the bank cycle press to report a sysex string only on firmware v066 is worth mentioning too…

    glad we resolved it though! thanks for the advice!
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