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Mapping Base buttons to nudge in Bitwig

edited September 2014 in Software Discussion


I am trying to map side buttons 7 and 8 on my Base to nudge the tempo in Bitwig up and down 1 BPM. When trying to map a controller assignment in Bitwig, it will only allow the slider to be mapped to the tempo, not the buttons.

Would I need a script to map the side buttons to the tempo within Bitwig, or could I use the Online editor to make the side buttons (7 and 9) behave as sliders? I have seen within the default Bitwig script for the Base that buttons and pads can be used to scroll through menus and such, but I can't seem to assign them to do that manually in Bitwig.



  • You may try setting those buttons to send CC messages instead of note messages. Then bitwig will treat the buttons more like faders.

    You can change the buttons to send CC using the editor here: online Editor

  • Thanks for the response!

    I tired making the button send CC messages, but they still do not nudge, but increase tempo in relation to the velocity of the button pressed.

    I think script would have to be written to nudge tempo like that, but unfortunately I am not knowledgeable in writing scripts. 

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