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controller settings

edited September 2014 in Software Discussion

can you change a button controller to become toggle rather than momentary?


  • Hi m0rt1f,

    What controller are you referring to? This can normally be done in the controller editor.

    Mike Bosch
  • I changed the note to a controller. the controller [button] seems to default as a momentary switch, but I need a toggle function?

  • And what controller are you using? Did you built it yourself or is it one of the Livid Instrument ready made controllers?

    If it is a ready made controller, such as: CNTRL:R, Base, OHM RGB. Then you can change this in the controller editor application or use the online editor, here is the link for the online editor:

    Hope this helps you out, but if it is a self-built controller I suggest you contact livid themselves, since I don't know too much about that part.

    Mike Bosch
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