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DIY Light/Video/Stage Controller

edited September 2014 in Hardware
I finished my first own MIDI-Controller with the Brain Jr. Works like a blast, only glitch I have is that the encoder I use on 8+10 gets into conflict with two buttons i have on 9+11 the other encoders are on 12+14/13+15. Anyone had this behavior? When I enable the encoder on 8+10 the two buttons turn into an encoder as well. Other than that - I am quite happy. I tried to get the most out of all the available inputs and managed to use every single one of them:
2 pots
3 Faders 
3 Encoders
4 Switches 
14 Buttons with LED Feedback
2 Status LEDs

More Infos on the build here:
ps: Livid, your headers are super tiny and unconventional, that makes some things a bit hard to solder. 



  • Looks Great!

    I'm thinking you may try putting a diode on the (-) row side of each button or encoder pin that is giving you trouble.

  • thank you for the response. what kind of diode would you recommend? 

  • This is the part # we use from


  • Looks great! i wouldn't solder to the headers of the Brain, try the breakout shield for solder holes.

  • thanks for the part no. I will give this a try and let you know how it works out :)

    @Jay, I didnt solder directly to the brain - that would be indeed a bit insane - I used apposite pin headers, but I could not find 2mm ribbon cables with attached headers, so I had to solder those myself.
  • edited November 2014

    god job! looks really cool. I like the switches in rectangular form with led (he ones in colors) Remember me the "avolites buttons" ,, can you tell me the Tecknical name of this switches?? i will try to buy some but didnt find they.

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