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Request all Button Mappings (all Banks) ?

edited August 2014 in Software Discussion
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I found this SysEx string to request all button mappings for the current bank really useful for working with an alternative editor. Is there a way to request all mappings on all banks simultaneously? the aforementioned string could be sent 4 times with automatic bank switches in between, but I would prefer one sysex string with one response from the CNTRL:R — possible?

ps: same would apply for mapping buttons on all banks simultaneously or in one big string in order to smoothly load/save presets to the device… possible??

thanks in advance for help!!


  • I don't think there is a way to check all banks at once.

    Can you tell me more about the alternative editor?

  • okay, then i will go with switching the banks automatically on load, that way the encosion modes and led ring styles can be fetched on start-up too (a 4-bank-snapshot isn't possible there either i don't think…).

    well, the 'alternative editor' is basically a max program which allows further functions stored in presets than those one can save to the device, and, what's more, a very user friendly monitoring of what's being stored as well as setting mappings for more than one control at a time; the presets load properties for all banks at a time (ideally ;) ). furthermore, talking of direct bank access, push/encoder link, macro breakpoint curves, individual led colors for buttons, choke groups, peer groups, takeover mode, sequencer feedback, effective momentary mode (in ableton) etc etc — just something ive been working on recently and couldn't see myself without anymore on stage… will share as soon as it's a problem-solver and work-around-simplifier to more than just my humble self — of course!!
  • Sounds cool! Yea, please do share. I'd like to check it out. :)

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