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Tweaking script

edited August 2014 in Software Discussion


Just wonder is there a remotescript for ableton live which makes LEDs colors correspond clip colors on session view?


  • We've considered it (and may implement some optional component in future scripts), but it is somewhat problematic when there are only 7 colors to represent the myriad of possible clip colors.  Currently, though, we have not implemented anything.


  • edited August 2014

    Thank you for reply. If there are only 7 colors then they can reflect most of ableton clips in simplified way. For example for all kinds of green available in ableton only one green that is possible on RGB LED. That souldn't be a big deal but will help many users to recognise their "clip map" and project.

    In any way I'll we waiting for this script because hardware, software and support rocks and I'm not gonna switch to APC 40 mk2 or similar.
    One more question that I forgot to mention earlier: is there a script fi CNTRL R with only buttons mapped but all faders and knobs are "free to assign"? And how can I switch to another preset (by clicking one of encoders) with no mappings taken from main preset?

  • Hi TomSine,

    If I correctly understand your question, you want to map the knobs and faders in other user pages?
    The faders and knobs can be made available for mapping by opening the file in the folder of the Livid_CNTRLR remote script.

    Then set both  FADER_BANKING and DIAL_BANKING to True.

    Now when you enter any of the other mod/user mapping pages, you will be able to map the faders and knobs

    To access the mod/user pages you can press the 4 encoders on the top.

    I hope this helps you. 

  • Thank you Mike!

  • No problem, always love to help, that is why I aim so active on this forum. I just love the CNTRL:R and if you need any help with anything just let me know. The guys from Livid are very helpful as well, but sometimes I think they got their hands full, in anyway they will always respond as soon as possible.

    I am also working on a DJ/performance template for the CNTRL:R, which should be ready soon, I'm doing some final tests on it to make sure that everything works perfectly.

    Keep It Spinnin'

    Mike Bosch
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