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guitar wing content installers...faulty?

edited August 2014 in Software Discussion

I've been having much trouble - on mac - with these so far.

The installer app for reason did not put the Lua codec or map in the right folders, but somehow corrupted the existing codecs from livid so all i got was an error in the reason preferences.
Using time machine i when back and did it all manually and have just about got it to work in reason. But the installer was not a help!

So i've moved onto guitar rig 5 - i have tried the installer and followed the instructions to the letter from this source:
but absolutely no joy.
I have now put the contrller assignments.shm file in the correct location manually, as the installer didn't change the file that was already there ( i have no idea what the installer actually did!) but only get three assigned buttons in the controllers window in GR5.. not the many that are in the wiki.

I have tried adding them by hand but am getting no midi showing up in GR5.
I have also tried every combination of midi drivers enabled and disabled in the preferences of GR5 - and have checked that guitar wing is "online" in the audio/midi preferences globally on the mac.

Any tips?



  • Queston about the Reason installer….where did you want to install the Lua codec and map files? I've noticed that some Reason installs put it in the user directory, others in the root /Library. I did find an error in the installer, and it is fixed here:

    This installer does as advertised for me:
    I'm curious if your paths are the same? What if you search for the .shm file on your system? Does it show up?

  • edited August 2014

    Thanks for the reply.

    The reason files, lua codec and map, are in the root library, and are now working.

    The link for the GR installer that you just posted is entirely different to the one that was in the mac installers bundle, even the installer GUI was different!? Maybe its an older one in the bundle of mac installers that i found?
    It seems to work fine now, thanks.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to link the installers separately on the integration guide page?

    Also - through trailing the forums i found a beta "guitarwingconnect" app that is very useful, but not advertised on any of the main site. I'm sure others would find it useful if it was easier to find.
    Will this app be developed? Perhaps integrated into the wingfx program or stay as a stand alone utility?

    Thanks again - now i have to learn to use it!

  • Here is the updated connection utility: -Mac -Windows

    We are indeed working on integrating it into the Wing Fx software! :)

  • I've got problems with the installer, too. Where do I find the Livid Guitar Wing by (!).ngrr  preset?

    I used the NI guitar rig content installer (Mac), but spotlight doesn't find the preset.

    None of the installers could be started from the Guitar Wing integration guide website. I started the installers from the "welcome to guitar wing" folder in the finder.
  • P8guitar...

    Try the link peter has put in the reply above - that worked for me, but the one from the link on the guitar wing integration website didn't.

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