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MIDI control of AMP vsts in Mainstage

edited August 2014 in Hardware


Hi all.

Waiting for my Brain JR to arrive so I can start my build. What I am looking to achieve is very much what it says in the title.

 I am using Mainstage on a MAC with various amplifier plug ins (mainly from LePou) - and find that having to use the mouse/track pad to change amplifier settings a bit of a pain, so what I plan to do is build an amplifier "head" with enough knobs and buttons to emulate what I see in the plug in.

Setting up the potentiometers is relatively straightforward (from what I have read) - but some plug ins have toggle switches to control amplifier channel (i.e. dirty/clean, hi-gain/lo-gain) - some switches are three way - so clean/dirty/filthy - the question is how would I wire these in....presumably they are digital connections - so could I wire two ground wires to the ground contact on the switch, and one each to the live contacts on the switch - and then use two digital connections - so one ground and one live to digital 1 and digital 2....and if I had different coloured LEDs for each channel would this make the LEDs light up correctly?


Thanks in advance



  • Do you have switches in mind that you want to use? I can check out a data sheet and explain how they would wire.



    Something like this - its an On-ON-ON switch which would cover the three way selections...

  • Yes that will work! You can wire BC1 as the shared COM, then wire BR1, BR2, and BR3 as the individual "out" pins.

  • Great - thanks for that - cannot wait to start building this - will let you know how I get on....


  • Well work is progressing well, I have built the case, the front panel and also started wiring the potentiometers - all this has worked well....however am having a bit of an issue with the switches. I have some on off switches that are just that - the MIDI side works well - switch on sends one set of values, switch off sends another. What I cannot get to work is that when the switch is on an LED lights up, and when off, the LED goes off. If I put the Brain Junior configurator to local control it works - but on its own!

  • Local control is the setting that makes the LEDs respond to the button pressed. So it sounds like its working right?

    If you press "send to brain" and "save to brain" in the editor then local control will remain on.

  • Ah yes - sorry for such a dumb question, but I am still working my way around the system. Did what you said and all is good....


  • All goodie!

  • ...finished this now...would you be interested in photos of it....?

  • Yes please!

  • edited September 2014

    How on earth do I post a photo...have tried using the  insert image button, but it doesn't seems to like my URLs..


  • edited September 2014



  • image'>Image Here

  • Sorry for the size....

  • Looks great man! I want to see it in action now :)

  • Back again - new question, I have set up Mainstage and programmed all the buttons and knobs on my controller (see above) to the controls in Mainstage and all is working well. I have a Behringer FCB1010 floor controller which sends MIDI to Mainstage also to control stomp boxes etc.

    What I am wondering is could I use the FCB1010 to send MIDI to my controller via the Brain JR - so I could use some of the pedals on the FCB to change settings on the Brain JR (and this is the bit that would be really cool) - change the LEDs as well. For example the first switch on the left hand side controls whether channel A or channel B is in use - with the LED changing to red or green depending which one is selected - I would like to use a pedal on the FCB to change channel - with the LED changing to reflect which channel I have selected.

    Is this possible

  • If you route a midi message out to the Brain Jr. it will react. Are you on Mac or PC? There are many ways to do this.

  • Think I have found it - in Mainstage there is a setting to "Pass On To" another controller.....I will try this when I get a few minutes. I think I answered my question shortly after I posted it, as what I really was thinking was does the Brain Jr accept MIDI in - and of course the answer is - of course it does as the configurator can be used to send MIDI to it...DOH!!

  • Just to let you know....I submitted some details of my build to various guitar magazines in the UK - one of them published my letter (along with the photo) - and it won Letter of the Month....I mentioned your product in the letter that was published.....and encouraged people to visit your website. So thanks for the advice during the build, although some of the questions might have seemed pretty dumb, and a real big thank you for such a fantastic product....thinking about my next project now....which may be an extension of the Midi include foot switches for controlling the channel changes on there any reason why I cannot use 2 Brain Jrs on the same laptop....i.e use one for the AMP and for the footswitch - how would the system differentiate between the that what the "alias" firmware is for....

  • Yes that is exactly what the alias firmware is for.

    I'm glad your project turned out well!
    Can you share a link to the Letter of the Month?

  • edited October 2014
    The magazine does not publish a website - or at least not to the extent of having the pages available on-line, so attached are some scans of the magazine



  • Wow very cool!

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