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Pairing and controlling iPad with Guitar Wing

Hey guys,

Has anyone had luck controlling any iPad apps with your guitar wing? I am hoping to have it control a sequencing app, Novation Launchpad, though I've seen Genome Sequencer might also be a winner. So far, no luck getting them to recognize each other. I bought Midi Bridge to try and map the two but that's a whole new rabbit hole I'm unfamiliar with. 

Does anyone have any maps, tips or apps to help get me started?

If I can't get it all to work on iPad, the obvious choice is to go to Ableton, as I know this will work no worries. 

The hardware I am using is an iPad air, Focusrite iTrack Dock and Guitar Wing.




  • If you have powered USB hub and the Camera Connection Kit, you can get the Guitar Wing up and running on the iPad.  I'm not sure how mapping would move forward but I think you can reprogram the Wing to send different MIID notes via the software that ships with it.

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