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Overlays for LIVID CNTRLR?

As the tittle says, are there overlays out there? Both for VSTs or HARDWARE as Mopho/Tetr4/Microkorg/etc... that would be AWESOME!


  • I don't think it is done yet, but it is a great idea.

  • edited August 2014

    yet?????? it's a 3 years  old ctrlr and there is not a simple empty overlay YET????????????????? when then? for the 10th anniversary???????

  • For what I know, they are constantly working on the scripts and for the last few months a lot has changed with the updates from Ableton, also the CNTRL:R can be used in so many ways that I think they haven't done this yet for this reason. Sometimes people adapt their script and change the use of the buttons, but anyway there are enough explaining images on the internet for different scripts and mappings so it would be easy to make one yourself according to your own mappings and script modifications.

    Still I think it is a good idea to make one for the basic scripts (my personal opinion)
  • That;s the point, there is NO images done yet.... with an Empty overlay im done, i can do the rest for my own setup, but i can't get even an empty overlay... 

  • Wow Mark!!!!!!! the man of the day! thank you so much! i don't know how you got it, but let's keep ti as magical :p

    Thank you all again, thank you so much!!
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