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firmware update OhmClassic

I just bought a livid OHM CLASSIC pre-2010, I'm not sure 
but in the wiki link says consoles created after 2010 can update the firmware ... 

If my console is from before 2010 can someone help me telling me to do. Not answered anywhere. 

Help please.


  • I don't believe there is an update for the Ohm Classic. Do you have an 8x8 grid or a 6x6 grid?

  • and I can work with the controller, only that I would like to use with modul8, but nose when edit mode, to press a button and this is not a note, but it is marked, idk if I explain well. I hope you can help me, greetings

  • There is not a firmware update for the Ohm Classic. The Ohm should send note messages when the buttons are pressed. Is this not working?

  • and I found the way that works, but it was my mistake not to investigate the ohmclassic before purchasing, I hope to get used to it and later upgrade to one ohm RGB

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