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CNTRL:R teardown and small tunung

edited July 2014 in Hardware

First wanted to thank everyone who is involved in making such great instrument. Few days ago I've bought used cntrlr (no one ships livid hardware in Ukraine so I still feel lucky) and found few minor problems with controls. 1 one of the endless encoders works fine but not eliminated. 2 few of the 4x4 matrix buttons a bit brighter then others. 3 when I look from front cross-section I notice all buttons are moved few milliliters to left side. So the question is what is the best way to take of enclosure and check all listed above bugs. Thank you foe any reply. P.S. :sorry for my English.


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    Hi Tom,

    Your English is great!

    1. one of the endless encoders works fine but not eliminated.
    -You mean its not illuminated? Like its not lighting up? Can you make a little video to show this?
    (eliminated would be like knocked out of a tournament, like the world cup :)

    2. Can you take a picture of show this in a video?

    3. You might not need to open the controller to fix this! Send over a photo please.

    I'm sure we can work through these issues! 

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    Hi Mark! Thank you for reply.

    Here is video
    And a picture with 4x4 buttons
  • Have you tried a factory reset?

  • edited July 2014

    Tried to reset with cntrl editor. Same bug.

  • 1) I think you have a broken transistor that is keeping the LED ring from lighting up. Do you have any experience soldering components onto circuit boards? If you want to send it here to Texas we can fix it for you. Otherwise you may be able to find an electronics repair shop that can fix it?

    2,3) These two issues may be one in the same. Because the pads are shifted over the the left a bit, the light isn't coming through the button evenly. You can turn the controller on its right side and give it a good banging on a hard soft surface (like a counter top with a thin blanket laid on it) to bump the buttons back into place.

  • So I gotto check rout from microchip to transistor also. Btw is there any pics of the devices guts?

  • Just one more question. Can somebody send a photo of controls in action in a good lighted space? For my insurance that buttons are bright as should be. Thank you.

  • I highly recommend sending it to us for repair. The part I think is faulty is labeled T7 on the board. If you decide to go for the repair, I can send over a picture of it. I'm not sure if your controller is still under warranty, but attempting this repair will void the warranty.

  • Thanks Mark. I'll keep you in touch about fixin asap.

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    Finally got my hands on cntrlr. Problem was not with the T7 transistor but with soldering. Once my friend swapped it with T12 all LEDs become active. Also found problem with connectors of LED board to MoBo. Replaced few push encoders with metal shaft ones. Must admit that default encoders are wobbling and look very cheap. So replacing rest encoders and connectors is a furthr step.

    imageOn the picture above you can see resoldered connectors, replaced LED (it was dim) and two new encoders.
    P.S.: already found black oak to make some furniture for cntrlr.
    New photos and info will be soon
  • Great job! Those black shaft encoders are the old style, we switched to more rugged all metal encoders now.

    Looking forward to seeing the black oak!

  • Btw, are pads pressure sensitive?

  • Done with oak

    Searching encoder caps as three in middle part.
  • That looks amazing! The pads are not pressure sensitive.

    What kind of shaft do your encoders have? Do you have a link where you bought them?

  • Thank you. These encoders aren't "smooth". Each of'em has 30 positions and make pretty loud clicks while rotating. I've bought em in local store but made a photo before bought. If you still interested I will send personally specs few hours later.

  • Hello guys. Are you still active here, by any chance? I really need some assistance about my CNTRL:R

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