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Brain Jr: Connecting faders (tip)

edited July 2014 in Hardware

Hi all,

This caused ,me some headaches so I'd like to share with you.
The instruction for the Brain Jr states that is doesn't matter how you connect faders to the analog input as long as the wiper is on the signal pin.

Well it does actually matter if the faders are mounted on a grounded metal plate as is the case with my setup. Everytime I screwed the panel down to the rest of the casing (which was grounded) the analog channels went completely crazy. After some measurement I found out that the metal of de faders where actually connected to the +connector on the Brain Jr. Breakout. Effectively causing a short between + and ground...

The easiest way for me to solve this was swapping the + and - wires on the breakout board and flipping the inputs in the configuration...

So remember: The part of the fader which connects to the outercasing of that fader should go to the - pin on the Brain Jr.

Hoped to help prevent some strange problems to some ;-)


  • I'd like to add to this topic.  I've built a MIDI controller that incorporates a couple of faders that mount from below a plastic faceplate.  I tested my faders both with the Brain V2 Configure utility, and with my multimeter before installing and everything looked good.  Once I installed them, I got all sorts of crazy data, both in the utility and on my meter.  I figured I somehow fried the faders, so I took them out, tested them, and found them to be fine again.  Turns out the mounting screws I'm using are just about 2mm too long, and when I tighten them down, they make contact with the back sides of the terminals on the faders, causing all sorts of strange shorts.  I mitigated the problem by fabricating a couple of plastic washers out of scrap material and fixing those with super glue between the faceplate and the faders.  Now I can tighten the screws down properly with no electrical shorts and everything works they way it should.

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