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Mapping main fader on guitar wing to ableton

edited July 2014 in Hardware


So im having some trouble testing out my new guitarwing. I wanted to set it to move a whammy pedal in guitar rig from toe to heel position. I did the normal thing inside of ableton where you "configure" the plugin and choose the whammy pedal movement to make a virtual slider inside of ableton. That way i can midi map to it. When i midi map to the main touch fader on my guitar wing, something's not quite working. When i touch the fader it just goes straight up to a full toe position. and when touched again it goes back down to heel. almost just like a normal toggle button. I want to use the fader to slide up and down between heel and toe positions. 

Lil help??




  • There are two things going on when you touch the fader, a note on message when you touch it, then the cc varying as you move up and down, then the note off message when you release.

    It sounds like you are mapped to the note message. You want to be mapped to the cc.

    To do this:

    Enter midi learn mode in live apple(cntrl)-m
    Select the control you want to map to
    Touch the slider and keep your finger on it while moving slightly to generate cc messages
    Exit midi learn mode before releasing your finger from the fader

    This will avoid the last note off message.

  • I tried that and it's still just acting as a toggle on/off. Any other suggestions?

  • Can you see in the midi learn mode if you are mapped to the CC or the note?

    When you enter midi learn mode you'll see a list of all your mappings on the left. It will say clearly if you are mapped to a note or cc.

    Here is a picture to show what it looks like when you're mapped to a cc and when your mapped to a note:

  • I am having the same trouble mapping the cc instead of the note in ableton.

     Has somebody found the solution yet?
  • Thanks Moon. That works well for mapping the cc's.

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