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Resistors to reduce noise in a button matrix ?

edited July 2014 in Hardware

This is what's said at 14'09" in this video 

i am using the brain v2 only, and this question is not discussed in the wiki. Should i worry ?


  • Same question for the LEDs : should they be protected with resistors ?

  • The brain v2 takes care of all this for you! If you look near each button header there is a pull down resistor. 1 for each header represents one for each row. Then there are current limiting resistors inline with the transistors for the LEDs.

    This video was for the Brain v1 which is why some info is outdated for the v2.

  • Great ! thanks for answering.

    I was also wondering about the necessity of using diodes for the buttons ? Is that really needed ?
  • Yes absolutely diodes are still needed.

  • Hello again. 

    Regarding the diodes, do i need to use 1 diode per button ? I am using the button matrix and i was wondering if i could just use 1 diode per row.
    thanks !
  • It needs to be one diode per button. :)

  • Ok ! sorry for being such a skeptical wet blanket.

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