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OhmRGB Ableton Remote Script Edit

edited June 2014 in Software Discussion
Hey guys! Just bought the OhmRGB a couple of days ago, was wondering on how to edit the script to achieve the following:

1. How do I go into the script to delete the panning mappings for the 8 knobs in the Mixing mode? I want to have it unmapped so I can do my own mappings inside Live.

2. How do I delete the DJ mode completely so I can have that bank empty to make my own mappings?

3. How do I edit the LED colors on the default OhmModes mappings?

4. How can I edit the range of the track volume faders so that it maxes on unity gain (0.0 db) rather than full value (6.0 db) ?

Can someone lend me their expertise please? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  • Also, I have been experiencing some errors on fader S6 (cc7). It seems to scramble up the velocity of other cc's when I push it up and down. It also darkens all of the LED lights when I push it up to maximum value. When I checked inside the editor.. It is only outputting midi velocity 0 - 39 when I push it all the way up (I reckon it's supposed to output 0 - 127 from down up like the rest of the faders and knobs). It is the only fader on the controller than does this weird thing, I have tried troubleshooting by rebooting the firmware, restoring to default factory settings (using both the online and desktop editor) and by reloading the mapping settings in Live, but I believe the issue is within the controller, not the software. 

    Can anybody please also help me with this other than the questions that I have above? Thanks again!
  • Do you have anything plugged into the expansion ports on the back?

    Are the switches in the back all flipped down? Try flipping them all up and back down.

  • Hey Mark,

    No I don't have anything plugged into the expansion ports.

    I'm not sure that there any switches on my OhmRGB
  • Actually I know what you mean.. the dip switches right? Yea nothing changed after I switched it up and back down again. 

  • Ok, please fill out a support ticket here:

    We'll get you sorted out!

  • Thanks Mark! I'll fill out the ticket right now!

    Btw, Is anyone willing to help me with my initial questions on the first part?
  • I'll be glad to help you out with your initial questions, but they're not "easy" to answer.  I'll need to sit down with the script and have a look at it before I can give you a more detailed answer....stay tuned, its Monday and lots to do.....

  • Hey Amounra,

    Tried emailing you the other day but I figured it is best to reach you here. Thanks for your willing to help, I noticed with the pan functions that I could just override them via Live's MIDI mapping. However, I still need help in achieving the points that I've mentioned above. 
  • TLD1991, are you Python savvy at all?

    1.  You already got it....

    2.  You'll need to add a "translation" to all the controls.  This switches (virtually) the channel or id (note or cc #) of the control object inside the script, so that even though, for instance, the controller is actually sending Note# 4, Ableton sees it as a Note# 7.

    The simplest way to do this is to just enter modMode (by hitting the Gary button).  If you don't have a compatible m4l mod in your set, it will give you access to six different banks (each one gets assigned a different channel translation) depending on which one of the upper 6 right buttons is lit.

    If you need something beyond that, you'll want to comment the assign_page2 method add assign_alternate_mappings(the_channel_that_you_want_to_translate_to) below the original body of that original method that you commented.

    3.  LED's can be "recolored" in the file inside the scripts folder, at the bottom of the page.  There's an explanation of how to do it in the file itself, but if you need more specifics let me know I'm glad to explain further.

    4. Yes.  It can be done.  But you'd have to do it manually without the use of Ableton's _Framework.  They made no provisions for this, even though its probably the most asked question I've gotten about Live scripting over the years.  It's something I've attempted to do several times, and upon realizing what a pain it would be, abandoned it as simply not worth the time.  But it can be done.  Somehow.  Just no one's taken the time to do it ;)

    (in all honesty, though, there's just not a good way to do it....the obvious ways kind of mess EVERYTHING up within the context of the script, and I haven't figured out an "extremely brilliant" way of doing it.....)

    Hope that helps, sorry for the delay in my response. 
  • Hey Amounra,

    Thank you very much for your response, I am not Python savvy at all and yes.. your answer helps a lot! I am currently sending the controller in for repair (apparently due to the problems I've mentioned in my first comment), after I get it back I will definitely try the steps that you have explained. However, in regards to..

    2. I figured that I don't have to delete the DJ mode at all as I can use the additional empty channels on the modMode, am I correct? I don't quite understand what you mean by "translation".

    3. I somewhat understand how the LEDs work, I've read quite enough about this and I think I might be able to achieve it myself.

    4. So I guess I might have to live with it as there is no practical way in doing this modification.

    I also have one more question:

    How do I make the master track select and fader (on fader S8 and button B8) to work with the eight track of the session rather than a master fader? Since I do not need rapid physical control over it. I'm guessing I have to tamper with the .pyc file. Can you show me a way to do this please? 

    thanks again!

  • Hey everyone!

    Its been a while.. But i'm still trying to figure out how to re map the master track fader on my OhmRGB to be an eight track select and fader. No one responded to this thread after a few months.. How do I achieve this? 
  • Sorry, I missed that last bit in your earlier message (I wasn't ignoring you....oops!).

    I'm in the midst of rewriting all the Livid scripts to bring them up to date with the current Live _Framework methods.  Although there is a beta version of the script drafted, its going to change drastically next week when I have time to make some changes....I highly recommend waiting till I get things finished, as any work you do will get thrown out the window when we release the next version.  I'll try to remember to link you the beta when I get the next version out and we can go from there.....if you don't hear from me by the end of next week feel free to bug me again though, I've been very busy lately ;)


  • Hey Amounra,

    Thanks a lot for your reply! Yes I will definitely be checking back next week and see what's up!
  • Amounra,

    Any news on that new ableton framework yet?
  • Thanks for bugging me :)  I'm running behind, as usual, but if all goes well I'll be able to start working on it Tuesday.  I've got to get some DS1 and BaseII stuff before I can proceed, but don't worry, it won't be much longer.  

    There will be a new installer release in the short term which will at least reconcile the differences between our beta scripts and the released ones, so keep an eye out for this.


  • Hey Amounra,

    Haven't heard from you in a while. How's that new ableton framework coming along?
  • Taking a little longer than I'd hoped, but there's progress.  I'll be finishing up the CNTRLR script over the weekend, and the Ohm script will be next.  There is a newish version of the OhmModes script in the Mod repository, but it's going to change a great deal before release....unfortunately its just going to be a little longer before I can move on to it.


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