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BranJR and RGBOmni LED issues

edited June 2014 in Software Discussion

Hi all,

i am in the process of configuring a brain JR with RGB Omni board connected through the omni breakout shield.  The buttons work like expected but I'm a bit confused about controlling the RGB LED's.

I can select group size 3 and RGB group style but the yellow boxes, indicating the RGB Omni leds don't quite match up with the groups so I am not sure on how to configure them.  I can get the first button to work but all the others get messed up.

Is there some sample .lmd file to get this straight?  I want to line up the LED midi values (RGB mode) with the Button values so it should be a straightforward config.  Buttons will be on channel 1, LED's on channel 4.

Using tools and selecting all leds on everything lights up so hardware connections seem to be ok.



  • I've emailed you a settings file that should be really close to what you want. You can use the "open file" button to load the settings in the Brain v2 configure software.

  • Thanks, excellent! 

    Seems I had to follow the RGB table I have seen somewhere and don't mind the yellow boxes :-)

  • Exactly, the yellow boxes just make it nice and easy for users only working with 16 direct connect LEDs.

  • Hey folks, 

    I'm having a similarly confusing experience, could i possibly get that config file too? i've a 16b omni rgb module and all note on/off messages are correct in view midi input in 'tools', on at 64 off at 0! what i cant understand is the led's. at the mo when i press a pad, an led somewhere else comes on, press another and it either turns on a different led somewhere or changes the colour of an led already lit, i'd like to press a button and that button lights, unsure of how to change colours too, i'd like em all the same (well to start with anyway)!? i'd like to have 2 x16b rgbs side by side and have either a 4 row 8 column or 8 row 4 column set up, any combo of 8 really, i.e either 4 1x8 rows/columns, or 4 2x4 rows/columns, or 8 1x4 rows/columns, (for 8 beats or 8 clip launches etc basically) i'm probably confusing things here, but tell me this, for led on 16b rgb board do i need to bridge R2 and R4 for it to work my way? (silly Q but, wot ever happened to R1 and R3, are they joined together, i.e R1 goes into R2, nd R3 into R4???) Thanks any guidance on the leds would be great, in general, i'm sure when i see the config file i'll be able to figure it out! well hopefully!!
    Many thanks 
  • I would love this File as well I am having a horrible time.

  • Justin-

    Same issue here. Got the Button Box up and running with the RGB Omni Board, but I can't get the lights to work. The FTP link above shows that I don't have permission to access that folder. 

  • Thanks Moon,

    I've downloaded the file, but get all _ when loading the file into Brain V2 Configure. Help!?
  • In other words, the file does not open correctly in Brain Configure.

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