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Brain and Button Matrix for Stump Controller Upgrade

edited June 2014 in Hardware

I'm in the process of upgrading this midi controller from being a clunky art piece that required Arduino and popcorn serial midi converter to a much nicer instrument, a Livid Instrument. I have had a brain for awhile and to get the 19 buttons all to work I need to make a button matrix. I'm going to do a 5 (pins1-5)x4(13-16) and not have a 20th button.

I have one simple question before I start on this on Tuesday. There is no voltage introduced into the button matrix if i'm reading the diagram right. Is this correct?

Here is a video of the Stump Controller in its previous incarnation. 


  • Super cool looking project! I'm not sure I understand your question. There is some voltage across the button circuit. Can you point me to the diagram you are referring to?

    Also if you are making a button diode matrix with a brain v1, the most efficient way is to always have 8 rows. So you may want to do a 3 column 8 row matrix.

  • Mark,

    thanks for the tip on the rows. That probably saved me some head scratching. I was just looking at this diagram from the wiki. for some reason I was thinking that you need power from JP3 introduced into the system at some point. Seems like most of the stuff I have done on Arduino had power introduced to the circuit from the voltage pin.

    Thanks again


  • The brain will be sending voltages through the columns. It rapidly pulses each of columns with a voltage then checks the rows to see if the button is pressed or not.

  • Mark thanks again. I confirmed my work flow using a bread board and will solder it all up tomorrow. In 2 weeks will be setting up the below sculpture (work in progress) at What The Festival and creating an interactive display that you can read more about here

  • Super cool,

    Can't wait to see some footage from What the Fest. :)

    Good luck!

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