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Code firmware v105 to allow individual channels on each control not working?

edited May 2014 in Hardware

Hi everyone,

I'm a new code user and have an older v1 code (I think it's fatter?).

It works fine with v222 firmware and editor 2.09, but I really need it to be able to send different channels on each control within a bank.

So I searched and found in the firmware download page and I found this :
The 100 Series of the Code firmware allows individual channel output for each Control. It is provided for legacy support. 

Code v105 (Multi-Channel) (for encoders with silver shafts)

I downloaded this and updated the firmware to v105, but the code is no longer recognised by the 2.09 or 1.273 editors and only lights up one blue LED on the first encoder turned after it has been reset.

I have changed the firmware back to v222 and everything works fine except I really need to be able to send different channels for each control!

Does anyone have any advice or are there more old firmware versions available that I should try?

Also, for some reason, with my encoders in relative mode, when turned clockwise (inc) the cc value sent is 01, and when turned anticlockwise (dec) the cc value sent is 7E (126) which seems backwards to me.

Thanks in advance!

Richard Allen
Melbourne, Australia


  • The code editor 1.273 should work fine. Try loading the v105 firmware again, then use the older code editor. You may also try the online editor, but I think thats only for code v1.

    There are two versions of the v105 firmware, one of them should sort out the directions of your encoders depending on what version you have.

  • Thanks Mark,

    It all seems to be working now, but I cannot explain why exactly...

    I did try loading v105 (silver) multiple times, but the code never seemed to work correctly afterward,  After updating, the unit would not be recognised by any editor and only light the first blue LED of the first encoder touched.

    This time, I loaded the v105 (black) firmware just to see if perhaps i had a corrupt firmware, and somehow the update took, although the encoders were backwards as expected.  Without re-dowloading, I then re-loadedthe v105 (silver) firmware and this time it worked!

    I don't know how this happened exactly, but thanks for your suggestions!

    Now for some fun...



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