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Configuring a Brain V2

edited May 2014 in Software Discussion

Hey guys,

I'm currently building a DIY Midi controller with 4 encoders 4 sliders and two sets of 4x4 button pads. I have soldered it all with the guidance of the Wiki page but I am now unsure how I configure it with my computer. I have downloaded the Brain V2 Configure but am not sure exactly what to do once it's open. I was hoping someone could give me a bit of guidance. As you can probably tell I'm bit of a noob with this kind of stuff. 


  • Are you using omni boards? If yes are they RGB or single color?

  • Using RBG omnis. 

  • You'll need to set the LEDs in groups of 3 and set the style to RGB. Then the tricky part is making the LED note #'s match the corresponding button note#'s. I usually accomplish this by guess and checking, using the tools section of the editor to see which notes the buttons are sending and matching that to the LED it should control.

    I'm going to email you a preset file that has already aligned the buttons and leds and set them to rgb mode. You can just load it into the editor using the "open file" button.

  • Hi Mark,

    Sorry for the late reply I'm based in Nepal currently and internet comes and goes. Would be most grateful if you could email me the presest
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