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Base pad issue with vst or plug ins

edited May 2014 in Hardware


Im having problems with some vst or plug ins when pressing one of the Base controller pads. For example when using Razor vst from NI sometimes when I press some of the pads instead of making a sound coming from that note it changes the resonance or the filter cutoff on the VST. All the other pads works right it just happen when i press one of the pads. Either im using the Razor VST or another VST from Arturia. But not with the built in intruments from Live (since im using Ableton).

Any help? Regards.


  • The pads also send CC data to indicate the pressure for the pad.  You'll either need to filter this or turn it off with the editor.  If you're using a script, you may also need to make changes to it.  I'd need to know more about your setup, though, to give you better advice.

    Cheers :)


  • Thanks amounra! 

    I am using th Live  9.0 Remote Script.
  • With Mac

  • Which layer are you having problems with?  I think aftertouch is turned off for the scale layers.....if not I can tell you how to edit the script in order to disable it for those layers.

  • By layer you mean like Lunch/Send/Device mode? If is that it happens when Im in Device Mode. It happens sometimes with the harmonic or melodic minor scales. But it also happens with the chromatic scale which is the one i use the most.

    If I disable the after touch for the scale layers will I still be able to have velocity key pads?

    Thanks 4 your help
  • Velocity is always sent regardless of whether AT is on or not, unless in LIVEBUTTONMODE (used for cliplaunch, for instance).  There's no difference in between scales, the setting is universal for each layer.

    I will double check the script and get back to you;  AFAIK, this shouldn't be happening, AT SHOULD be turned off for the instrument layers, but I will check it out.

  • Thanks amounra will be wating for ur help. Regards.

  • Hello amounra!!

    Any news? Im still having issues with some of the pads in device mode when playing a vst.


  • Sorry for not getting back to you sicario.  I checked this out a while ago and couldn't come to a conclusion.

    I looked at it again today, and there were some bad calls in the script, I think things got switched around incorrectly at some point.  I've uploaded new versions to our script repository that should work correctly, you can find them here:

    Let me know if you have trouble getting them installed.


  • Just hopping in to say I was having the same issue and hadn't encountered it until now, before I was using things that didn't have a lot of factory CC mappings. Started using device mode in Sylenth and had the Base changing all sorts of parameters while I played, ran it through Midimonitor and saw it was firing off CCs for every pad.

    Just wanting to let you know that the changes you made have fixed it, no more strange CC messages in device mode, thank Amounra!

  • Thanks amounra for taking the time.

    I definetly need some help installing this script. Which of the 3 different folders from base should i get. And once that i download the correct one, what should i do with the .py files.

    Sorry if i sound like a retard, but im not really into script programming and stuff like that =(

    Thanks again!!

  • No worries.  Basically, if you've downloaded the repository, you can take all the files from "Python Scripts" and place them in your MIDI Remote Scripts folder inside Ableton's directory.  Are you using Windows or Mac?  (the destination folder is different depending on which OS you're using)


  • I am using mac with the Live 9.0 remote script

  • Hey I couldnt connect earlier. Jus got my Internet back again lol.

    I was trying to download the .py files but dont know how =(.

    Sorry for the stupid question.
  • Sorry, I should've added a link to the compressed download (it's available on the lower right of the webpage).

    Let me know if you need more help!


  • Hi amounra, sorry for being a pain in the ass. But I couldnt get it to work. I downloaded the .py files from the Livid Base folder and put them in the MIDI Remote Scripts inside Abletons directory. When I open Ableton there are no LED lights coming from the Base Controller. If i press the pads I can play the VST I got on a MIDI Channel inside Ableton. If I try to change the mode from Lunch to Device/Send Mode I keep playing sounds coming from the synth. So I guess it messed up all the Default Mappings.

    Sorry for being a retard. I just installed back again the Default Live Script. Still have the same problem with some of the pads sending strange CC messages.
  • No worries :)  You'll need to also place the _Mono_Framework folder from what you downloaded inside Live's MIDI Remote Scripts folder.  There are dependencies in there that Base needs in order to work.  I should have mentioned it, so my bad.  Let me know if that gets you going....


  • Hi. I cannot get it to work properly. I have placed both folders inside Abletons MIDI Remote Scripts and as soon as I open Ableton the Base Controller lose all the Default Mappings and there are no LED lights on =(

  • I just noticed that you stated you're using Live 9.0.  That might be the issue you're having:  this script requires Live 9.13 or newer.....try updating Live, I bet that will solve the issue.


  • hi amounra,

    i was having the same problem sicario was having (random CC messages sent in device/send modes) and i downloaded your fixes, and they worked - sort of. now, when i use a drum rack in device/send modes, the magenta portion (right side) of the pads no longer work, and they now just select samples in the drum rack instead of playing anything. if i revert back to the old scripts, this works again, but then i'm back to square one with the CC problem.

    is this supposed to happen? i'm using 9.15 on windows. thanks for helping us. :)
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